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In this article, solar energy’s bad points were analyzed. Donald E. Simanek does not feel that using the sun for our energy needs is a good thing, and he clearly states that. The article produces many good points on how scientists might jump to conclusions when thinking of using the sun for our energy.
Many times, you might see people such as scientist, or the government, trying to get you to pay money for new sources of energy systems. They are trying to replace where we get out energy from, for fear that we might run out. The most recent excitement on the energy list is solar power. If you really don’t think too hard about it, solar power does not seem like such a bad idea. Donald points out that many promoters are trying to get you to believe this also. Yet, he also points out that conveniently no one mentions the harmful sources that we get the sun power from. It actually comes from nuclear fission. That is the very same thing that they make atomic bombs with, and where nuclear power plants come from. The source also comes from hydrogen, which has been proved to be a highly explosive gas.
No scientist have really tested the long term effects of solar power. How do we know that it will not have some lasting damage on us? Some scientist will actually admit that they do not know entirely how the sun works. A well understood point in this article is that we do so much to stay out of direct sun light. We use a sun block, and are trying constantly to get into shade. We all know that if in the sun too long, it could lead to skin cancer. The solar collectors would take this energy from the sun, and concentrate it into our own homes. If this happened, we would contradict ourselves if we said that we wanted to stay out of the sun, and then went into our houses and turned on light bulbs with the sun coming out of our light bulbs. Looking into direct sunlight can cause blindness. So looking into sunlight for a longtime, may cause many long term effects. It could even cause you to slowly go blind. The article also points out that major companies who make money from this new idea, may hide these effects from you out of fear of losing money. It would be better to put our money someplace that is safe for the long run.
This article does a great job in pointing out the bad points of solar energy. Mr. Simanek obviously is very worried about the health and well-being of our civilization. Yet it seems to me, that there is something inaccurate with these statements. Mr. Simanek does not give any supporting evidence to support his fact. It seems to me that he is narrow minded and does not give any facts about the good points of solar power. Also, solar power could really not have all of these faults to it. For example, when it comes out of your light bulbs, it can’t be all direct sunlight that can hurt you that bad. They could concentrate the light some way to protect us. Solar power could have some good points that were not pointed out in this article.