Solution of Free Sex Essay

Solution of Free Sex

Nowadays, free sex is a very serious problem. If the adolescent problems that exist in this country is not reduced and resolved quickly then it can cause destruction of the order of the nation’s future. Facts show that most of our youth not knowing the impact of sexual behavior they are doing, often adolescents are not ripe for sexual intercourse even more so if you have to bear the risk of sexual relations. Entering the modern world it is only fitting that when the parents and the educators to be more responsive in taking care of and educate children and young people to extra careful of social phenomena, especially those associated with sexual problems, which took place today. Along developments of time and its time knowledge of sexuality issues in children and adolescents increased. Free sex at this point is nothing strange to the teens and even children under age. The rapid technological development wide open the horizons of children to know the world can easily be grown from viewing pornographic videos on the internet, looking from mobile phones and even the books or tapes relating to the porn. They can easily find out what should not feasible for them, and from social, environmental, or their parents and who lack the association to monitor children or even the lack of religious education that is given to their children should be take care for teenagers or their children’s. Whereas the teenagers just have a little information about sexual problems, and teenagers do not seek information from people another or from sources that are not clear or even completely wrong.

Providing information on sexual problems become even more important considering adolescents are sexually active in the potential, as it relates to hormone-influenced sex drive and often do not have adequate information about their own sexual activity (Handbook of Adolescent psychology, 1980). Of course it would be very dangerous for the development of adolescent soul if he does not have the knowledge and appropriate information. Some of the factors that encourage teen junior high and high school age to have sex outside of marriage include the influence of social liberalism or free-living, environmental factors and family factors that support the direction of the behavior and the influence of mass media. Free sex is sexual behavior outside of marriage. According to Sigmund Freud, sex is a basic instinct that has existed since man is born. From birth, man has become a sexual being or having libido (sexual energy), which have evolved through phases: oral, anal, phallic and genital. Here are some solutions that might be done to prevent sex behavior in adolescents: The existence of love is important, attention from parents in any case and control non-curb. One of the biggest factors that lead our youth fall into free sex behavior is a lack of affection and attention from their parents. Free sex in teens is now quite severe. The role of religion and family are very important to anticipate the behavior of these adolescents. First, I think we must close to God and our parents. God will be giving us a greater pleasure without having done the damage our self. And our parents would be more proud to pick the kids like us. Second, we must understanding about effect and what is danger of free sex. There are so many dangers of casual sex, especially for children under the age of such diseases, herpes, HIV Aids, the king lion, and other diseases.

All of that is a venereal disease that is very difficult to be cured, the disease will arise because changes sex partners. Later, pregnancy outside of marriage will lead to new problems, if you were in college or school of course your parents will be very upset with you and then you are afraid to be honest with your parents and your spouse, you finally decided to perform a new sin of abortion. Moreover, we must carefully our relationship and with our boy or girlfriend because it’s the biggest temptation. We can establish the man and we love him so much but, we must be careful because the men are also sometimes has the intention to destroy us by taking our free sex. There are many ways we persuade men to be able to do that but we should not be fooled by all the words, because they are the same as animals sometimes he will leave us after they get what he want. Then the parents must also teach bit by bit what sex was real and what are the dangers of sex because of the curiosity of adolescence to sexual issues are very important in the formation of a new, more mature relationship with the opposite sex. As a creature that has a high self-interest nature of the teens have a very easy person affected by the environment outside themselves a result of the curiosity is very high. Without the guidance of the youth can perform deviant behavior. This requires openness between parents and children with effective communication. Maybe like a place to vent for your children, support a desirable hobby for positive activities for him. Who need intensive supervision and to the communication media. During his youth, they always have a desire to know, try and imitate everything. As of the mass and electronic media makes teens are often stimulated to follow as in those impressions. Therefore, it is necessary to control in that respect. Parents or guardian may accompany them to see with these impressions. Add some extracurricular activities or positive activities outside school, such as sports activities, camping, jungle trekking or attend a musical lesson. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, out of school activity like sports can create their attention towards the event. Thus, reduces the chance for them to perform sex drift behavior.

Need to develop models of adolescent development related to health production. It needs a container to hold the adolescent reproductive problems that suit your needs. On the other hand, sex education is vital to prevent free sex. Singgih, D. Gunarsa (1991) give statement that, “the delivery of sexual education material should be given early when the child has begun to ask about their gender differences between their self and others, continuous and gradual, tailored to the needs and child’s age and comprehension of children.” Sexual education in addition to explain about anatomical aspect and also explain about the biological aspects of psychological and moral. Proper sexual education should incorporate elements of human rights. Also the values of culture and religion are included so that would be a good character and moral education as well. And also Mohamad Kartono (1991) added, “good sexual education has the goal of foster families and become responsible parents.” Some experts say a good sexual education should be equipped with ethics education, education about the relationship between human beings both in family relations and in the community. It is also said that the purpose of sexual education is not to generate curiosity and want to try sexual intercourse among adolescents, but want to prepare for teens know about sexuality and its consequences if carried out without complying with the rule of law, religion and customs as well as mental and material readiness someone. Tirto Husodo (1987) also give statement that, “sexual education also to aims to provide knowledge and educate children to be have well in terms of sex, in accordance with religious norms, social and decency.” Free sex can damage a child’s future, especially for women because they will lose something very precious in her life. They do it without thinking for their future.

As we know, that free sex will be damage the future of teenagers so it must prevented actually for a woman. It’s very difficult to prevent that, but for a good future we must do it. The directional information either formally or informally, including sex education, sexually transmitted diseases, family planning and other activities can also help reduce the incidence of free sex among teenagers. It needs a firm stance of the government in taking action against perpetrators of sex. By providing an appropriate punishment for the perpetrators of sex, they are not expected to repeat the behavior. In conclusion, although the sex has so many negative impacts, which can damage the future of youth, causing a variety of venereal disease free sex, but we can prevented free sex depends on each individual and the intention of our self. And parents should play an important role in children so that children do not enter the world of free sex.

Parents should continue to remind their children about the dangers of free sex. Actually so many ways you can do to prevent the occurrence of free sex if they really want to avoid casual sex and even sex are now not unusual anymore because of modern electronic devices do not make it as an excuse as parents to restrict children in learning to know the world of the Internet, simply by monitoring the free sex and always reminded that should be in the ditch because it has many dangers for the future of young people.