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Some people may believe that caring for a pig would be difficult but that is not always correct. Caring for a pig properly means you will need to have information on food choices, cleaning care, bathroom training, and having a good vet. Those areas do not have to be difficult, but will require some research. Pigs do need a special diet along with a hygiene and training routine. Lastly, they will need love and attention from their owners.When owning a pig of your own, it is important to know how to properly feed them. Pigs usually eat a diet that contains small animals and fruits or flowers. However, when a pig is considered a pet than the diet will have more fruits, vegetables and cornmeal that has vitamins. One thing you need to consider is that fruits contain a lot of sugar and may cause the pig to gain weight so you will need to keep the fruit serving small. As a pig owner, you will need to watch how much water they drink and how much exercise they get. Pigs do not sweat so they will need larger quantities of water (How to Care For). After feeding your pig the next step is training them on where to use the restroom. Like other household pets, pigs can learn to use a litter box or to go outside. If you like the idea of a litter box than it is important to remember that they can not have regular cat litter and will need a low pan that is easy for the pig to get in and out of  (How to Care For). If you would like your pig to go outside then it is important to take them out at the same time each day and to the same spot. Pigs like to use the bathroom in the same spot each day so that will help train them. Lastly, pigs need to be cared for and will need to visit a vet. Pigs need regular vaccinations and worming (Pretty Little). The vet will also talk with you about exercise and training your pig. Pigs will need a lot of exercise so be prepared to have a fenced in yard or a leash to walk your pig with. The vet will help you with nail trimming and bathing techniques. Pigs are like cats and dogs and will need to be cared for in the same way. Every pig deserves to have a nice home, caring people who love them and a happy life. Pigs are extremely smart, they can be taught tricks and be a lot of fun. Just remember that pigs will not stay small forever because most of them will grow to a larger size. Before getting a pig remember that it takes work, patience and love. With the right care and diet they will still be the same loving pig that you can snuggle with.