Some in our knowledge how exactly the bacterial

Some amongst the diverse
inhabitant gut microbes in humans can influence tolerant reactions to cancer
immunotherapy. Presence of certain gut bacteria (as probiotics) in antibiotic
treated cancer mouse model, prompted more effectiveness of the immune system
against tumor treatment. Programmed cell death 1(PD1) protein down regulates
the immune system by inactivating the T cells response towards cancer. My
interest is to study how the balance of microbiota have its effect in the
treatment of cancer (ex – lung cancer) in mouse model treated with anti PD1 and
anti PDL1 drugs.  I would like to do the
2 experiments as described below:

Taking 5 different ratios of
concentrations of  Bifidobacterium and Faecalibacterium
prausnitzii, that is 0:1; 1:0; 1:1; 1:2; 2:1 respectively, and then
injecting them into a cancer mouse model(germ free) treated with each of the drugs
separately, namely, a- Nivolumab; b- Pembrolizumab;
& c- Atezolizumab. From this experiment, we can know the effect of the
microbes on the increase of decrease of the immune response of the organism
towards the tumor growth. Hence we can conclude how effectively the bacteria we
took are responding to immunity development against the PD1 protein and its
role in slowing the tumor growth.

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It is found that high
levels of Bacteroidales species of
bacteria act as barrier towards immunetherapy. So by injecting antibodies against
the same to decrease its concentration in the cancer mouse model might help to
resume the immunotherapeutic response of the organism against the cancer.

After the above
experiments, we can further go for the genome sequencing by Next generation sequencing
method (from extracted DNA sample) or whole genome shotgun sequencing method by
using the 16s ribosomal RNA of the bacteria. Through this genomic study, we
might be able to bring in our knowledge how exactly the bacterial species is
playing its role in the immunotherapeutic response against PD1 protein in
cancer treatment. Hence I want to learn the techniques and add more to my
knowledge about how the gut microbiota effect the immunity against cancer
treatment which will further help me in my future carrier.