Somehow We’ve Made It This Far… Essay

Somehow We’ve Made It This Far…            You know, if we weren’t so much alike we couldn’t be so alike.  The Biological Species Concept told me that the other day.  That BCS is always trying to separate itself from everything else, almost as if it were from another country.  I’m pretty sure at least one ocean separates us, or, as BCS would say, ‘We are ecologically isolated.’  If you ask me, we might even be further separated than that.            I remember BCS talking about how in its native environment there were many factos that had to fall into place before evolution can take place.

  For example, did you know that there are both pre-zygotic and post-zygotic mechanisms that can act as barriers to speciation?  I didn’t either but BCS said that it can be difficult even just hard to choose who to mate with because we are so…let’s see, how to say it…ummm…mechanically isolated!  Yeah, and furthermore BCS was telling me about how you can also become temporally isolated as well.            BCS can be such a nihilist!  After describing how hard it is to maintain survival, BCS went on telling me about hybrid sterility and invariability.  Apparently sometimes such things are born from two reproductively isolated mates that produce a sterile hybrid – like a donkey!  BCS also mentioned hybrid inviability where the hybrid is still fertile but cannot produce offspring healthy enough to survive.  How we made it this far I’ll never know…            Fortunately for us, even though we grew up worlds apart we can still somehow produce new species.  BCS calls this Allopatric speciation, but I just call it a miracle.