Something in frustration.”Davies’ is the one who

Something in the air that day changed. For the better, although he hadn’t known it at the time, the day he was paired with Harry Potter was the best day of his life. It was something he wishes he’d realized far sooner.Though sayings exist for a reason. And “love them before you lose them” is a seemingly constant one in his life.He remembered it all very clearly. Draco burst into Kingsley’s office and scoffed. “Now, Why in Merlin’s name would you go and do that? Davies and I were getting along fine!” He said. Throwing his hands up in frustration. “But Potter? He can barely get along with anyone besides those he deems worthy.” Draco knew first hand how hard it was to get the scarhead’s approval. Hell, he’d tried all through school for it, but that would not follow him into adulthood. No way. No how. “In fact, I saw him slink away during the Aurors ball, The ball for goodness sake. Its supposed to be awful and preposterous. No one enjoys it.” He said throwing his hands up in frustration.”Davies’ is the one who requested a partner change.” He spoke calmly. “And since you are one of the few people who are aware that Potter is just a person and not some indestructible legendary being, I’ve assigned you to him.” He barely looked away from what he was doing. “That is final.” His voice carried a finality to it. Something that said, ‘This conversation is over.’Draco straightened up and took a deep breath. “Yes, thank you very much, sir.” And s soon as he left the room a small frown graced his face and he walked back to his now shared office. Smoothing out his clothes he gathered his composure and walked in sitting at his desk. He took great pleasure in straightening out his desk. Everything had a place and everything was in its place. The quiet he enjoyed didn’t take too long to disappear.Potter had returned from wherever he was and sat at his desk. The air was tense and quiet. They could hear each other breathing. That sound in itself was slightly comforting. “So, I suppose that we’re to be partners now? Get along and the likes?” Harry began. “See I was-“”And that’s where I’m cutting you off,” Draco said sharply, his voice commanding the area. “Will we work together? Yes. Do we have to like it? No. Do you have to speak to me as if we are friends? No. You do not. So please, spare us the small talk Potter, and keep to yourself.” He said before turning back to what he was doing, which was basically nothing.Harry sat almost dumbfounded. That utter tosser, still as crass as ever. He couldn’t even find a response to that. He furrowed his brows a bit and pressed his lips together tightly. “I see, I’m glad we’re on the same page.” He said stiffly. Pushing his glasses up he turned back to his desk and pretended to work. Of course, he had no work, It was his first day back from a break. They’d had no cases while he was gone and Harry liked to finish his paperwork up. So instead he doodled all over a sheet of paper. He had half a mind to send it over to Malfoy like they did back at Hogwarts, but he decided against it. It would seem too familiar. And they were certainly mot familiar with each other. Not anymore. Draco didn’t care if it came off as rude. That was probably how the scar head saw him anyways. A rich, rude, prat.  He wasn’t a child that needed his idols approval. Not that he was his idol.  It went on like this for weeks. Them going out doing their job. Finishing the paperwork and leaving. Though to their own surprise. And chagrin they made a wonderful team. The way they thought and flowed together was spectacular. They didn’t even have to communicate, just a look was normally enough to get their messages across.