Sop Bachelor of Technology Program of the Computer Science and Engineering Essay

I, (name), am in the final year of the four year Bachelor of Technology program of the Computer Science and Engineering program of the (XYZ) Institute of Technology. My career objectives lie in the pursuance of research and academics in theoretical computer science – especially in mathematical logic, automated theorem proving, program correctness and semantics of programming languages. I believe that graduate studies leading to a PhD through research work of quality in these fields are a necessary step towards my goal.

The undergraduate courses have given me a comprehensive exposure to all the core fields of computer science and mathematics. Man’s attempts at mathematically modeling objects of study and then using these models to reason, predict, draw new meanings and interpretations have always fascinated me. Hence, in course of my Studies I’ve come to realize that I wish to pursue research and academics in the above mentioned areas of theoretical computer science. These areas, I believe are rapidly developing and offer great scope to one who is confident of producing fruitful work and coming up with creative ideas.

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My interest in theoretical computer science has inspired me to carry out research and implementation in this subject, as can be seen from my attached resume. Simultaneously, I have kept myself abreast with the recent trends in research through literature surveys during projects, related to courses and otherwise. I have availed of every opportunity to learn more about my areas of interest. I have taken/have enrolled for a number of relevant courses offered by the computer science, mathematics and humanities departments. All these activities have gone a long way towards making my background very strong in my areas of interest.

I have also had a good deal of teaching experience as can be seen from attached certificates. This experience convinced that I have the communication skills and the ability to explain things precisely to become a teacher. My years at (XYZ University) have been enlightening ones but I need to constructively build up on what I’ve learned so far. (ABC University), I think is the ideal learned so far. My decision was based on a careful examination of the department brochures and information from faculty members and alumni.

I have also communicated with Prof John, Director of graduate studies of the Computer Science department. (ABC University) has a stress on research-oriented study, flexibility and closer Professor-student relationships. I think that having such a sound academic environment at a reputed University such as Duke, with the work of a small group of teachers serving as a model, I will be able to attain my true potential. I look forward to making my contributions to the advancement of computer science – starting at (ABC University).