Achieving this career goal is going
to take a lot of knowledge, a strengthened skill-set, some clever networking,
and the knack for seizing the right opportunities. I see State University of
New York, Buffalo as a means to gaining all of these. The well-designed curriculum
at SUNY Buffalo aligns well with my career interests. Hence,

I eagerly await studying at SUNY Buffalo and as it would be a perfect
platform to kick-start my career. I ‘m joyfully
anticipating to get the upper-hand through deepening my understanding of
various algorithms for Machine Learning by learning under erudite faculties, whose
various projects and research in the field of Machine Learning and Data science
has intrigued me a lot. Given an opportunity, I would hope to involve myself in
the ongoing research at SUNY Buffalo, like Document Analysis and Recognition.
The world-class research facilities like the ODIn Lab would catalyze my
research pursuits in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine
Learning. Hence, I look forward to joining and making full use of these opportunities
at SUNY Buffalo