Southern Leyte State University Essay

Our invited resource speaker Mrs.. Criminate D. Roars eventually came and discussed what are the causes and effects of our stress. She also explained that there are two types of stress, the Gestures and Distress in which Gestures is the positive stress while Distress is the negative type of stress. According to her, stress depends on your personal view of the stresses and can be both a positive and negative factor in your life.

That it is your reaction to the events in life rather Han the actual events, which determine whether the outcome is positive or negative. Your capacities determine the results, when your capacities for handling are strong and healthy, the outcome is positive, when you lack the ability to handle the demands, the outcome is negative. After the lecture, Ms. Rainy Lucian rendered us her favorite song entitled “Secrets” to entertain our trainees. While answering the post test that we provided into them, we offered them snacks.

That instrument help us to determine whether they understood the topic that had been discussed by our resource speaker. For the meanwhile, one of our facilitator had taken some photos of our trainees to serve as our documentation. Then we had made an announcement to encourage them to resume for the next seminar-workshop. We also asked their feedback of our activities on stress management. They said that it was quiet very interesting and they said that they will surely come back again for the contain caution of our seminar workshop.