Specified Timed Writing : Lispector Essay

Lispector uses several existentialistic ideologies for her work in many different ways. She uses visual imagery, Logos and humor, to express many existentialistic views in stories such as “A Remarkable Love Story”, and “The Hen”. In the short story, “A Remarkable Love Story”, Clarice Lispector uses humor to end the story with, “eventually she became a young woman and men entered her life. ” It seemed like she was really gullible and Lispector made her look foolish by using that mentality. She always adds a little bit of humor to broad endings which make things clear.

Even in the short story, “The Hen”, Lispector uses humor yet again to end her story, “Until one day they killed her and ate her and the years went by”. She makes her endings really unexpected and very sudden. In the short story, “The Hen”, she also uses Visual Imagery to express her existentialistic views when she wrote, “Alone in the world, without father or mother, she ran, out of breathe…” This shows Clarice Lispector’s existentialistic views because, both her parents died when she was very young and they had suffered in the pogroms because their family were Jews.

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Many times because of her background she had moved to many different countries and her family was always in the minority leaving her lonely, which leads to depression and I think it was a big push to her having existentialistic views about everything. Furthermore, she also uses Logos in her story, “A Remarkable Love Story” to show her existentialistic views writing, “The girl was too young to understand that humans cannot be cured of being humans…“ Lispector believed that human life was helpless and everything we do is useless, because no matter what we do, at the end we all die.