Speech Evaluation Essay

The introduction of the speech is very important. A good introduction can attract the attention of audiences and laid the foundation of a successful speech. According to the critique sheet of my classmates and the recording of my speech, I figured out that I did well in the introduction part. I began my speech with the interesting facts questions that were related to us in order to draw the audience in by making the connections.

And my introduction included a preview which let my audiences know what I was going to talk about. Also, I felt confidence in my introduction since I had the eye contact and smile. But my body of the speech was not as good as the beginning, especially the transition. In order to make my speech easier to understand for the audiences, I did have the transitions of each point.

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But probably because my points were not continuously, some said that they couldn’t always follow the transition from one point to other, and some suggested me to use the transitions when I start a new point in my speech so that the audience doesn’t get lost. Those critics showed that I really need the improvement of making the transitions. Because speech is the verbal communication with the speaker and the speech, if I don’t make my point clear and easy to understand, my audiences will get confused so that my speech is failed.

The most helpful critics are from Caroline. Quote from her constructive comment,” You had eye contact throughout the speech however you did not look to the left side of the room once! ” “You really didn’t make any hand gestures or use body language. ” Those critics were so true and I’m so sorry that I really didn’t make any eye contact with the left side of my classmates Maybe because I was so nervous that I was the first speaker, I totally forgot what I was supposed to do during the speech such as the hand gestures and the body languages.

I admitted that I am not really a outgoing people and I also feel nervous to make a speech. So in the future, I think I should put more effort on my delivery of the speech such as how to use to proper hand gestures. I think I can practice my speech in front of the mirror in order to behave naturally with some pacing and body languages as well. I wish I could do better on my next presentation!