Speech Ideas on ‘How to Be Perfect’ Essay

We live in a society where there is a lot of pressure to be perfect. We feel like we need to look like the models in the magazines. Because nowadays, it’s all about the looks, the style and the weight, nothing else matters. The actual definition of perfection is ‘being entirely without fault or defect ‘. Can anybody actually think of anyone who has no fault? Whether its weight or something silly like a limp or a allergy, everyone has one. And when we have a small fault like this, we feel like the world could end and we will never be perfect like those we look up to.

Obviously, media is a huge influence on the pressure. Girls of all ages look at magazines and watch TV programmes and see all the actors and models in them looking flawless. We don’t think about the airbrushing and the tonnes of makeup they have on, we see past that. Even celebrities know what the pressure of perfection is like, Demi Lovato saying that ‘Society puts pressure on people to look a certain way and to stay thin and to stay fit’. She felt so pressured by things like this that she was self harming herself, which 15% of girls have done because of this pressure of being perfect.

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We compare ourselves to everyone around us. We build up a checklist in our heads that the other girl is that we aren’t. We then try to live up to them expectations, instead of being our own person. We need to be the pretty, skinny, smart athletic person all at the same time, which is virtually impossible. All these components make it hard, it makes school a chore. So many girls looking nicer then us, we must wear more makeup. Oh they got a 1 more question right then me in the exam, I must study harder.