But its share of environmental hazards. The factories

But unmixed blessings in life are rare, if not impossible. The technological revolution in the automobile sector came with its share of environmental hazards. The factories that mushroomed across the world throughout the twentieth century encouraged employment and ‘progress’ of science and technology but they also caused irreparable damage to the environment by dumping toxic wastes into water bodies. Technological progress became synonymous with rapid urbanisation and hence, deforestation.

Global warming was to follow soon. If the polar bear is getting tired of swimming and then drowning today because all the snow in the world is melting, one has to blame the irresponsible regress towards doom that has masqueraded as ‘progress’ in the last 100 years. Nobody can contradict the benefits of technological progress. Rampant destruction of natural resources is, however, too heavy a price to pay.

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We talk about advancement in the medical world. Man is trying to play God with the advancement in gene research. Human clones are not too distant a phenomenon! What about the moral implications of such an experiment? Mobiles are necessary. Cheap call rates have made us addicted to it.

But it has been established quite well that the waves that make the communication possible can cause brain tumour among other things. So shall we perceive this technology a curse or shall we look upon it as a boon? It seems that humanity is desperate to milk technology in terms of instant lucrative results at the cost of irreparable loss in the long run! Instant profit like instant or fast food can be counter-productive.