Who tomorrow—or if not tomorrow, sometime in the

Who knows, evolution might throw up a new kind of superman by then, compared to whom we will be extremely primitive, much like what the Neanderthal man is to us.

One thing is certain, for the possibility of ‘one world, one country’ to emerge, the priorities of human individuals—till now largely confined to parochial motives—must take a new turn altogether. Psychologically and spiritually he must rise to a higher level of being, whose mindset is far more rational, broad-minded, tolerant, peace-loving and selfless than ours.

That is not to say that the world citizen is yet to be born. He already is a member of a small group of people around the globe, often strangers to one another, whose outlook on life is universal rather than provincial, national or regional. Ethnically he may be Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Ugandan, Australian, Irish, but he sees through the superficialities of race, colour, ideology and religious affiliations and assesses his world purely on the basis of merit.

He is without any bias. He knows fully well that someone is not necessarily right (vis-a-vis another) just because he belongs to his own part of the world. In a sports encounter he may cheer for his own country, but he will never want his nation to win at the expense of fair play.

What can prevent this little group of world citizens, a small minority today, to blossom into a majority tomorrow—or if not tomorrow, sometime in the near or distant future? Globalisation and the spread of education will be valuable aids towards this end and, once this end is achieved, will not the idea of a global government automatically surface on the horizon as a viable remedy to many of the ills and evils of the present-day world?

Life, of course, is not as simple as that, and even if it were, before that grand vision (that seems so utopian today) can be fulfilled, much groundwork needs to be done: illiteracy, hunger, malnutrition have to be conquered, the gap between the rich and the poor has to be bridged, the degradation of the environment has to be checked….

The list is long and demanding. It is a tall order, but knowing what amazing feats humankind is capable of, who will dare say it cannot be done?