It affiliated to the Indian government or

It is ironical that the men who saved our country from these agents of doom had to travel back in an ordinary bus while the irresponsible authorities who had allowed this tragedy to occur came in air-conditioned cars. I have already been influenced by the Kargil War earlier and this event made me decide on my future without any hesitation. I shall join the Indian army to serve my motherland.

I do not know whether I will end up being an NSG commando affiliated to the Indian government or work directly as an army officer. I want to be a soldier. I know the life of a soldier is not easy. Para-military forces like the BSF, the CRPF and the ITBP, along with the Indian army brave the most hostile conditions to ensure that the average Indian sleeps peacefully.

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If every Indian wants to become a software engineer or a doctor to have a lucrative career, the country shall surely go to the dogs. The shortage of men in the Indian army is well-known. It is also well- known that our army officers and jawans are not given their due by the government. It is indeed disgraceful that a Kargil war hero who lost his hands while protecting our nation is allowed to struggle with a meagre pension of? 5000 per month. It is true that what the soldiers do for the nation cannot be evaluated in terms of money. But in a nation where ministers spend crores to lead luxurious lives at our expense we can surely expect the government to ensure that these heroes live a life of dignity.