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It takes more to be civilised than not live in a jungle and hunt for one’s food. Civilisation is a state of mind in which consideration for others plays a key role. If a naked primitive possesses this attribute and a suited modem gentleman does not, then, paradoxically, the former is more civilised than the latter. The former will care for his aged parents, and give them food, shelter, company and love, but the latter, being a self-seeker, will not.

Caring for the aged is not an occupation in great demand. Only two kinds of people do it—the good, and the clever.

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The good do it because it comes naturally to them. To them it is not an act of charity but a spontaneous humanitarian response to the crisis in the lives of people who have seen better days.

The clever people know that there is a neat sum to be made by caring for the aged. Everywhere there are people willing to pay for old age homes albeit reluctantly (the choice being between paying for them and getting them out of the way, and footing all their bills as well as having to continually tolerate their presence). Sometimes the monetarily better-off aged themselves opt out of their own families and seek to spend the remainder of their lives in old-age homes.

These homes may be run by good people, or they may be run by clever people; but, however fine their services, they can never replace the warmth and comfort of a truly caring home.

In all fairness, it must also be added that there are old people who make a nuisance of themselves by repeatedly asserting themselves. They too need to adjust to their changing circumstances.