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It was almost by chance that I bumped into my yoga instructor about three years ago. I had been to my friend Romit’s place and there I saw his brother being trained by this young gentleman.

Though I met him for a brief span of time, I was deeply inspired by him. This chance meeting changed my life in a big way again. I learnt to do various complex yoga postures and that improved my concentration powers which had a direct effect on my studies and sports. Today when I proudly collect prizes for topping in multiple subjects, I attribute the success to the chance meeting with my yoga instructor, who taught me to calm my restless mind and be focused.

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Adolescence and the teenage years are extremely vulnerable and impressionable. In the past ten years of my life, many characters have come and gone, be it in the form of teachers, friends, parents, relatives or even strangers! Various events too have had a big role in shaping my personality. Whenever I did badly in a subject and sunk into depression, it was the reassuring voice of my grandfather, ‘What is the point in brooding? Will it solve anything? Find out the reasons why you fared badly and work hard to improve on them.’ I used to sometimes get bitter about the success of some of my other friends. It was grandfather who taught me the big lesson in life that you only compete with your own self and not with others. It took a long while for me to assimilate it into my personality, but I could gradually instil it in my psyche.

Finally, I also owe a great deal to various events and circumstances. For instance when I was alone with my little sister and my ailing mother at home, I learnt to handle emergency situations. Mother had fallen terribly sick and she had to be admitted to a hospital. Initially, I was a little nervous but in retrospect I feel I had handled the situation quite effectively and with a great deal of courage. This event prepared me for future crises. My dad who was away on official work in Shillong came back and praised me liberally. Even today I haven’t forgotten the major lesson: one needs to stay calm in a crisis to sort it out.

I owe a great deal to all these events in the last decade, as all of them has had a profound impact in the shaping of my personality.