Speech Report Essay

The Negotiator Sister Act Betelgeuse Who Framed Roger Rabbit Select one movie from the list above and add one of your own choice. From each movie watch a minimum of 45 minutes. Select a character from each movie and focus in on their nonverbal behavior. Review nonverbal communication readings and notes and choose theories and concepts for analysis. Prepare your introduction including this information: What movies you viewed. Where in the movies you viewed. The characters you chose to observe.

A brief (two or three sentences) sketch of both characters’ nonverbal behavior. Other info you wish to provide. Prepare your analysis section employing this analysis pattern: 1 . State a theory or nonverbal concept. 2. Define/explain chosen theory or concept. 3. Provide examples from movies to illustrate theory or concept. Repeat this pattern until you achieve a 4 page minimum, 5 page maximum paper. Double space, use 12 apt. Font, and create regulation margins. Make sure you have a titled cover page with pertinent identifying info. Use this information to enhance instructions given in class.