Spoken Language GCSE Study Essay

Part 1: Introduction to essay. Explain briefly what you’re going to talk about in your essay. Mention the research you have completed, and how that will be used.

Part 2: What is texting? Why is it multi-modal? What are your initial thoughts and feelings about this way of communication?

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Part 3: What are the critic views of texting? Why is it important to look at, and consider, the views of a variety of people when thinking about any form of communication?

Part 4: How does context change the way we text? Do we text different people in different ways? Talk about features of text language – does the use of a feature depend on the audience and purpose of the message? Do you feel that you adapt your way of texting for specific purposes?

Part 5: Talk about your research – what was the purpose of it? What did you do, and why? Analyse what you found out – put any graphs, charts created into an appendix to provide evidential support.

Part 6: How has your opinion been changed or questioned by the research you did, and what the results of the research showed?

Part 7: Conclusion. Summarise what you’ve learnt by completing this unit. Has it changed your perception of texting, and its usefulness?

Additional things to consider/research:

– Use your research wisely – don’t comment on every question, but pick out information learnt that either supports or contradicts your views.

– Put a copy of your questionnaire and any graphs or charts completed in appendices to be attached to your final piece.

– Remember when referencing appendices, you must write something along the lines of ‘See Appendix 2’ in brackets.

– Extra research will show the markers that you have read about the topic, and not just relied upon your teacher. This will give you extra marks!


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