Sport Has a Big Impact in the U.S. Society Essay

On this Essay I will be discussion about sport in the United Stated of America. My essay will have four paragraphs. This is the introduction, where I explain what I am going to do during the entire essay. In Three paragraph I will talk about good sport issues for the U. S.

society, In Two paragraphs I will talk about bad sport issues for the U. S. Society, and on the last paragraph I will evaluate and discuss about my ideas. Sport has a big impact in the U. S. society because of many things. It helps individuals to develop discipline, confidence, self-esteem, character, and sense of well-being. It serves as a catalyst to promote, encourage and motivate the development of physical fitness and sports participation for all Americans of all ages.

” The accounting for the most popular form of recreation comes from the sport. A lot of people are involved with sports (all the participants and staff, sponsors, etc… and all spectators). There are two type of sports. You can play amateur sports, just for recreation or you can play competitive sports trying to get something more than recreation with it.

There are a lot of recreation activities like hiking, walking, boating, hunting, and fishing that are fun activities and also exercises. Sports activities normally attract millions of participants for three reasons: personal enjoyment, love of competition, and for the benefits of fitness and health. This last is, nowadays, very common in the U. S. society as a great percentage of it is considered obese. A lot of Americans are sedentary people, and as the food in here has a lot of fat, these kind of people became or are becoming obsesses.Through the sport, sedentary people found a way to lose fat and be healthier. In addition, sport also teaches social values like leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, determination and persistence that are highly regarded in U.

S. society. Almost all the universities and school have a good sport program because it is easier to teach kids these values, showing that some of their classmates have them.

Baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, golf, tennis, and track & field are popular sports in school and colleges.Professional players are normally examples to a lot of people, therefore they, in somehow, incentive kids to play their sports; children try to be like them, which can help preventing them to go to the drug’s world because kids get focused in one thing. Sports make citizen live in a healthy environment. Sport is also positive as a representative spirit and nationalism sense, in the way that it demonstrates how United State is powerful and united to everyone. As we discussed during this course, the U. S. society has a lot of problems, so we can say that, sport is a way to animate the population.Sports tend to help the relationship between United State and other countries.

Just for you to know, it was through sports that United State reattached relations with China. Both countries were distant and the table tennis, during the Nixon government, approximates them again, which was fantastic for the U. S.

economy because it brought a huge market that is the Chinese market. Another example was: In 2002, during the soccer world cup, the U. S. played against Iran and there was a temporary rapprochement between these two countries that were having troubles before.Sports bring a lot of tourists to the U. S. which is good for the economy and in professional sports like football the circulation of money per year is extremely high which is also good.

I would say that, the media uses sports a lot to create advertisements, programs, etc… There are some sport events that stop the country like the Super Bowl or the Indi500. The consumption industry is very beneficiated from sports. People buy a lot of shoes, team uniforms and team furniture. The consumption of these good increased 100% during these huge event.Knowing this, probably sports bring a lot of benefits to this nation. There are also some bad sport issues for the U. S.

society. The competitive sport is not good for health. It is proved that a competitive sport is not good for your body at all; to much stress, and the tissues are always being break; competitive sports are different than physical activity. As United State is a rich country, citizens have access to a lot things, and sometimes people buy drugs like prohibited supplements to improve their performance.This is an negative example and it is very harmful for the person that intake these drugs. Sports can sometimes generate aggressiveness and violence.

The intense rivalry between two crowds can provoke fights inside and outside the fields or arenas. Just to give an example, in Brazil there are a lot of soccer games where only the crowd form one time can watched the game to prevent fights and disorder. The sport world moves a lot of money, which sometimes incentive the involvement of people from the sub world (as an example: the Italian and Russian mafia, that use sports to make the money real).

I can say that some people are some engaged and love so much sports, that they stop living for their selves and their times lose or play badly they have depression, etc… People like this, normally stop carrying about other things, they just want to watch or play the sport, becoming a lot of times anti-social, etc… In U. S. school sport has its negative side. Segregation is created by sports; normally students that defend their schools in any activity are considered and treated in a better way than random students.Also in high schools, there is a predominance of males practicing sports, which is a kind of a reflection of how women are discriminated in the U. S.

society. Money in sport is very bad issue, because most the professional sports players it is no longer about the love of the game or staying loyal to your team or fans. It is all a question of money, or more to the point, “Show me the money. ” The bottom line being, if the managers can’t offer enough zeros on the end of a paycheck, they can wave goodbye to their top athletes. Controversy has erupted across the globe as to whether athletes are worthy of their million dollar contracts.The bottom line is, athletes deserve all the money they earn because big corporations are willing to pay. High expectations are placed on athletes personally and professionally, and they have to subject themselves to risk on the playing field as well as personal sacrifice.

An athlete being sponsored to play professional sports was once unheard of. I think it is very disappoint to the fans when you see your favorite player leave your team, because some other team offer him more money. I’m a huge fan in soccer. I am tired to see many soccer players from my team leave to play in Europe for money.On the other hand we have to understand that these players have a short time to make a lot money for the rest of their life. For example I know many soccer players do not know how to write or read. Honestly if I turn a soccer player, I would try to respect my fans, but I would think about the future of my family and my future too.

Sometimes is very easy to talk about these players, but nowadays most the people just want to make as much money as possible. Finally when you look at this from the perspective of an athlete, if they get injured and can no longer play what else are they left with?An athlete’s whole life is centered on sport, which is why it is so important for them to make all the money they can from the sponsors while it lasts. Just by the number of arguments that I think are important to this issue, you can see that I agree with the idea that sport is a good think for the U. S. society.

I think what is the most important think is what kids and people can learn through sports. As the American society is so competitive, this is the best and the easy way to teach the whole population how to led with this daily competition.Obviously there are some bad that should be revised, but the positive points, in my opinion, overcome the negatives points and make sports a very good thing for this nation. A lot of new culture and people from all over the world are coming to live here because of the good system of scholarship that U.

S. colleges have. This is bringing a lot of positive thinks, like more and different knowledge and more money to the country. I am a foreign athlete so in my opinion, just comparing the whole educational college system of U. I S.

and my country, I would say that sports is bringing and helping a lot this huge potency.