Sport Utility Vehicle and Porsche Customers Essay

Principles of Marketing assignment: 1- Need recognition – Financially successful people Information Search – Strong and satisfying feelings Evaluation of alternative – Accomplish daily task Purchase decision – Purchase intention and purchase decision Post purchase behavior – Consumer expectation and satisfaction – Evaluation of alternative: The Porsche customers need to identify whether they will choose for a common model produced or sport utility vehicle (SUV) For instance, most Porsche customers prefer on luxury car such as Porsche 911 which has a speed of satisfaction Post purchase Behaviour: Some Porsche customers expect that Porsche cayenne is sport utility vehicles (SUV) but they are not satisfied with the performance of the vehicle. For instance, one journalist said that the cayenne does not feel like an SUV but rather like a Porsche. – The concepts of “ Cultural Factors “ , the values of a Porsche are high and it’s a want to consumers, when these wants is affordable to customers, they will buy it. 4- The positive attitudes toward a brand like Porsche are developed by Social Factors.

Customer buying a Porsche wants to show their status and separate from the lower class. The negative attitudes is developed when customers is not satisfied with the produce image, which become numerous but not niche.Porsche should keep the image of their high performance and the behalf of upper social level of customer, who enjoy the experience of driving rather than transportation.

5- The Porsche brand plays a very important role , which is the upper level image of every customer of Porsche self concept. Owning the product of the brand is an image a successful person and a car lover. Who has a high social status and good taste in cars.