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Sport vs Social InteractionIn this essay I will be talking about does sport make us social and how does the social dimension of an individual vs team sport performance. I will also look at the difference in my opinion and the websites opinion.Does sport make us social, being social means that you are relating to society or its organization. I think that yes sport makes you social, it make us interact with one another and talk, it can teach us to be fair and honest yet competitive at the same time. Sport makes you feel like you are not standing alone. When you are working in a group must cooperate to achieve a common goal. If you do a teamwork exercise you work together to achieve a goal instead of doing it alone. It is a good way to get to know someone and find out how the person is and sometimes thinks. Sport makes you have to talk to one another and talk about strategy.but some sports you work alone and then you don’t have anybody to talk to, only some sports are when you work alone so most sports make you social. Some sports you do alone but you practice with your teammate.How does the social dimension of an individual vs team sport performance.The pursuit of personal success and happiness is a powerful motivation, but when you work in a group you have the feeling that you are working and having fun with you friends. You feel that you are not standing alone and if you fail there will be people stand by you side. But when you fail alone you have noone to stand next to you and support you so you let yourself down. I think it is better if you work in a group because then there is always someone to stand by you when you need help and someone to cheer on you but when you do something wrong you will feel like you let the team down. But when you work alone you let nobody down and nobody has to pick up after you.In conclusion I think that yes most sports make us and but some don’t you might not like working in a group and that it will be equally good to work in a team or not in a team you might feel that you don’t want to let any one done so you don’t work in a group.