Sports icons Essay

I. Sports icons like; Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Lolo Jones, Maria Sharapova, Walter Payton, Cristiano Ronaldo and Muhammad Ali all have a common ability that we all possess and that’s the gift of running. [Visual #1/ 30sec. ] II. My experience as a marine opened my eyes to how important running is. From running 5miles every morning and in turn accomplishing more than I’ve been set out to do that day. I stand before you as a civilian now and though my surrounding may have changed I still run. [Visual #2/ Pics. ]

III. My theory is why distance yourself from the athletes and celebrities you watch and applaud on TV, when we all have the same physical capability to run. IV. Running isn’t just a random activity or burden done once every January. It’s a lifestyle that will change your life and with it comes many benefits. Body: Body: I. Benefits of running A. There’s more to running than the pain and soreness felt: while, during, and after a run. 1. Eliminates depression, stress and boosts your self-esteem while preventing health risk. [Ref. #2]

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This all begins with one foot going in front the other at a moderate pace. . It builds strength, muscle, lessens your weight, and also improves your bone density. B. Our bodies are made to accommodate what we demand of it. 1. By going thru a daily routine without some kind of exercise allows your muscles and bones to weaken. [Ref. #1] 2. As a result you become more vulnerable to diseases eventually weakening your body’s ability to fight illness. Transition: In addition, keeping you from aging quickly and gaining a better self-image. II. So reduce your health risk by running regularly, giving back to what your body demands of you to keep it healthy and see life in a new way.

A. Acquiring a boost of confidence and self-worth is a giving. 1. Feeling content with who you are and pleased with yourself is the best way to increase your mental health. [Ref. #1] 2. Running trains your mind as much as it does your body. 3. As individuals allowing us to set goals to reach while in the process we become more physically and mentally strong, giving us that sense of empowerment. 4. Overcoming the obstacles of running equips you with a better focus and determination for your life. [Ref. #2] Conclusion I.

Sometimes we have the best intentions for ourselves especially when it comes to our health. II. Yet an estimation of 2,600 daily deaths in the U. S result from an inactive physical lifestyle. [Ref. #3] III. Why live a life leading towards chronic diseases and premature deaths. IV. Many excuses are made for reasons why he or she can’t run, but think about it. Your life may be yours to live but who are you influencing? Who and what are you living for? So why not prolong the gift of life. V. It all starts with you because to better your life, you must better yourself.


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