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As he stepped up to the plate, he dug his right back foot into the dirt getting a firm stance. Little did he know that the ball given to the umpire before the game which cost just nine dollars and now coming at him was going to be worth a little over 2.7 million dollars in seconds. Mark McGwire is truly a reason why a person can make money, gain notoriety and have fun while collecting memorabilia.

Making money through regular jobs is one thing, making money by collecting sports memorabilia is entirely another. If one wants to make money collecting sports memorabilia, one has to be patient because collecting memorabilia is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Two main reasons why the value of sports memorabilia increases are the passage of time and the achievements of the athletes. One way to get these items before they increase in value is to attend free autograph signing sessions. Another way for one to make money is to write to an athlete and get something signed for free, then turn around and sell it. One example of this is Vince DeAngello who started this process when only a kid and now owns a very successful sports memorabilia shop. I have personally received memorabilia through letters to athletes; I have seen their value rise, then I have sold them to a sports memorabilia shop for a profit. One of the easiest ways to make money by collecting memorabilia is to follow rookies and get as much signed by them as you can. This is very convenient because rookies do not usually charge for their signatures. Also, as a first year player, rookies are more eager to sign autographs so they can make a favorable first impression.
Not only can one make money by collecting sports memorabilia but one can also be seen as a hero in the eyes of the public. By collecting memorabilia, one can gain public recognition also. For example, the person who bought Mark McGwires seventieth homerun ball for $2.7 million certainly gained public recognition. Anyone who donates a piece of his or her collection of memorabilia to a sports hall of fame such as the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, will receive a great deal of public acclaim. Such recognition was given to the Rotary club who last year donated George Bretts pine tar bat to the Rockhurst Spectacular. The retired Royals reliever Jeff Montgomery is also known as a great benefactor to many charitable organizations. Considered a hero to many young children, Cal Ripken Jr. is known for his willingness to sign as many autographs as are requested both before and after games. Some people gain public notoriety by having memorabilia within their homes or business. I have gained a personal reputation for the amount of memorabilia I have in my house. Former baseball star Danny Jackson, owner of the Incredibowl draws people to his business not only to bowl, but also to gaze at his vast collection of sports memorabilia.
With all of this money and fame, we often forget how fun, collecting memorabilia can be. The fun of collecting sports memorabilia can take many ways, shapes and forms. It is fun to meet star athletes and get autographs to add to your collection. One can also enjoy trading and collecting with people of similar interests. Not only does this fun come by trading, but also by watching your investment rise. My friend Brad Long was fortunate enough six years ago to invest $500 in a signed Mark McGwire jersey, which now is worth several thousands. I have also been privileged to watch my Joe Montana football go up in value. Sports memorabilia has brought many great hours of pleasure to my life, and others. I have had fun decorating rooms of my house with sports history. My neighbor and friend Jamie Quirk has also inspired me by showing me his rooms of fun with endless memorabilia.

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In conclusion, by collecting sports memorabilia a person can make money, gain notoriety and have fun. One of the nice things about collecting sports memorabilia is the possibility that a hero can emerge at any time, seeming from out of the blue. Nothing can sum that up better than the slogan used for the New York Yankees a few years ago, at any moment, a great moment.