Staff Application

What is your IGN?hangingkidsHow long can you be on?02 : 30How old are you?Value: 15Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server?No I have notHow much time have you spent on this server?Around 20-30What past experience do you have at being a staff member?AuroraHCF> AdminI was admin on this server which taught me the essentials like screensharing core protect and how to tell hackers from legit people.

AgedPVP> AdminThis server was Kit PVP and when I was first getting into Minecraft. While I was staff on this server, I got hundreds of bans none were deemed false by the owner. Have being staff on this server felt like it helped me because I can confirm when someone is hacking because I’ve banned so many blatant and “non-blatant” hackers.

LuckyFeed>This was a duped factions server where I was a Helper but quickly rose to the top where I resigned at ModAre you able to record?YesNoWhy do you want to be a staff member on this server?I want to become staff so I can ban blatant cheaters and help players in-game who need help. I also wanna become staff because I think it would be a fun time ssing people helping people etc. It would be a really fun experience playing with friends but still acting serious when dealing with hackers or in a necessary problem.

Here are some other reasons MaturityEven though I’m only 14, I still believe that I’m pretty mature for my age. I’m barely toxic to other players.I’m not short tempered so that I can handle disrespect sent towards me. This is pretty short, but I’m pretty mature towards others and not toxic.

ProfessionalityI am very professional while helping players or lower staff members do things. I can have a sense of humor, but I can also put that aside while doing serious business. I rarely swear, and never swear towards other people. I don’t spam people. I help people when they ask for something etc.

FairYour asking like how are you fair, I am fair because I won’t be biased. I won’t like move my friends in ts first. I will treat them as a normal player.

I will treat everyone equal to each other for example Youtuber or Donor And If someone appeals for a ban obviously they deserve a ban but they should wait a week or two before appealing to take their punishmentLeadership I can take up roles that you throw at me like mass moving in ts and holding my own events.Why should we accept your application over others?You should accept me for the reason above(Why do you want to be a staff member on this server)How many applications have you made before?Value: 1Any additional information?I havnt made a application before