Stamping out Religious Terrorism Essay


A very effective counterterrorism effort will be to aggressively embark on an enlightenment campaign to educate people about the heterogeneity of people in respect to race and culture. It is not possible to impose one’s political or religious ideas on everybody in the world. The enlightenment campaign should point out this fact. The campaign should be both at home and abroad. This action will be of immense benefit to the generation yet unborn. However, this approach would require the combined effort of all counties of the world. It is relatively easy for people to be religiously motivated to participate in terrorist activity as long as they are doing such for the advancement of their religion.

I would also advocate on a close monitoring of the resources of religious organisations, especially those whose followers are more likely to commit terrorist activities. The control should be in form of monitoring they way money is spent so that they are not used in procuring arms and ammunition for terrorist activities.

Religious terrorism can only be stamped out with a collaborative effort of all countries in the world especially countries where these international terrorists reside. At times, a country is unable to prosecute terrorists either because of a lack of political will or inadequacy of concerned institutions. In cases like this, the international community can step in, to offer support to these countries if they are willing to cooperate.

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Another method is to infiltrate the ranks of the terrorists so that they can be apprehended and prosecuted. This might require setting up dummy terrorist networks so that potential suicide bombers can be recruited after which they are reformed.

Also, the proliferation of weapons and materials for the manufacturing of arms and ammunition should be tightly controlled. In tandem with this is the imposition of arms embargo in regions where they can potentially be used for terrorist activities. This would prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. It would not be funny if a terrorist organization gets its hands on materials for the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction, like nuclear bombs.


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