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To begin with, what are ethics? In my perspective, ethics
are moral principles that guides a person’s behavior or the choices a person
makes. This means that the various principles of ethics are what help us make
our everyday choices, which might be right or wrong. Examples of principles of
ethics are loyalty, honesty, fairness, teamwork, respect and obeying the law. I
will like to highlight or explain a few of examples of principles of ethics
stated above.

For a start, I will talk about honesty. Honesty is one of
the major principles in ethics. Honesty is very important in our lives. At
work, being honest makes you trustworthy. Once your employer sees you as a
trustworthy employee, you will become a very important asset to the company and
might even receive promotion if you work hard in addition to being trust
worthy. In addition, at school or in class, being honest allows you to gain
favor from the teacher.

Secondly, I will like to talk about teamwork. Teamwork is
also another major principal in ethics. Teamwork refers to the ability or
capability of an individual to work or collaborate with a group of people to achieve
the same goal. People that possess this principal show respect to their team
mates and have good and effective communication skills. This is principal should
be mostly applied in places such as our classrooms and our various work places.
This enables work to be done at a faster pace and effectively.



Thirdly, fairness is another principle we must possess. Fairness
means being impartial. We must be impartial in order to promote peace amongst
ourselves because if we tend to be unfair to people, it leads to arguments or
conflicts which will slow down development in our society.

Last but not least, another principle of ethics I’ll shed
light on is obeying the law. This is a key principle in our lives. In order for
us to live good and prosperous lives or in order for us to gain favor from
leaders in our society we must obey the laws set before us by them.

However, in order for us to determine the ethical principles
we possess, we must “describe ourselves, list the key principles we believe in,
identify external influences, consider why, and prepare a statement of values” (Pearson
ch1 objective 1.9). Once we are able to determine the principles we possess, we
will be able to improve upon ourselves.

To conclude, I’ll like to talk about the importance of
ethics in our societies. The main importance of ethics are to help shape the behavior
of individuals in our society and without it there will be no peace. People
will tend to behave amorally. This means they will have no sense for what is
right and what is wrong.