Star Wars trilogy Essay

If you liked the Star Wars trilogy, believe me, you will love this well-written novel. This work is one of the most remarkable and page turning book that I have ever read. X-wing: Wedges Gamble by Michael A.

Stackpole is a worthwhile and I highly recommend reading this. This tale takes place five years after the events of the movie Return of the Jedi from the revolutionizing Star Wars trilogy.The plot of this grand novel is that the now strong Rebel Alliance schemes a strategy to take over Coruscant, the Imperial seat of the Galaxy. This book begins incredibly fast paced with lots of action where Corran Horn, part of the infamous Rogue Squadron loyal to the Rebels, fights his way out of a trap while on patrol. As the novel progresses, Wedge Antilles, leader of Rogue Squadron, is called upon by Admiral Ackbar, military leader of the Rebels, to infiltrate Coruscant and bring the dark worlds protective shield down.With the invincible shield down, it will make way for the Rebel fleet to attack and hopefully take over the evil world and dissolve even more of the now-decaying Empire.

Wedge chooses to accept this stalwart mission along with his Rogue Squadron. The prestigious Rogues consist of Commander Wedge Antilles, Captain Tycho Celchu, Captain Aril Nunb, Lieutenant Corran Horn, and Lieutenant Pash Cracken, all top notch pilots. The story really begins to heat up after the daring pilots infiltrate Coruscant.

The ruler of the planet and all Imperial Forces, Ysane Isard, knows about the invaders and wants the Rebels to take over Coruscant because little do they know, Isard has planted a deadly virus among the civilians and the disease will spread if and when the Rebels take over the dark city. Ignorant but powerful, the Rogues continue on with their perilous mission and unknown of the danger that awaits them. Just when you think the story will end, it continues with extravagant detail and ends with a thrilling conclusion that will leave you stunned and overwhelmed. As I have voiced before, I enormously recommend and applaud this honorable novel.