State Farm rhetorical analysis final es Essay

These companies will use things such as animals, kids, or places to get you to connect to their product hey are trying to get you to buy. The goal of the advertisers is to get their product stuck in your head and feeling the need to have it. Some companies will push an absurd amount of money that you can save by going with their company over their competitors. I understand they use these tactics and they work for the most part, but they can also have negative effects on the viewers as well.

When you know about the insurance you already have, and you know what you pay per month or per year, you can weed half of the companies out just because they got over zealous and tried to use a number that when actually looked at is impossible to meet, one Gecko commercial advertised they could save you an amount per year that was actually more than paid a year for the insurance I have. Made the call to Gecko and asked them if they would really pay me monthly to have their insurance, was told they could not help me at this time.

State Farm Insurance is the company use for my vehicle and home insurance. I have grown up with State Farm, and through the years we have contacted other companies just to do price comparisons, and we have yet to find a reputable company that could give us the quality insurance, customer service, and amount of savings that we currently get. When you see a State Farm advertisement, you will hear about savings but you won’t hear about an absurd amount.

You will hear about their customer service being 24/7 and you will see the customers in the commercial saying “like a good neigh boor State Farm is there” and their agent appears where ever they are at the time they need them, this is to signify that you can get personal service anytime anywhere. They will explain that you can save money by adding auto, home and life insurance together to lower your rates, DOD grades in school will help save money on your teen drivers, long periods without receiving a ticket or having an at fault accident will also help you to save money on your insurance plan.

Having insurance is a must due to the fact that it is against the law not to. It should also be against the law for insurance companies to constantly lie and mislead people about their insurance through their ads. Ads should be informative and witty but they should have to be held to a certain level of truth as well. Some companies have ads that are very well done, and have good characteristics about them UT just have not yet been able to save me enough money to get me to walk away from a company that has been good to me since I’ve been driving.

Loyalty in companies is what keeps them in business and helps to insure they will continue to give the quality of service that is expected of them. State Farm was founded in 1922 by retired farmer George J Michelle, it was started as a mutual insurance company, and was owned by its policy holders. The State Farm jingle “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” was written by singer Barry Minimal in 1971.