Statement the field of Computer Science. I enjoyed


 Statement of


Computer Science
is a field with boundless opportunities and different areas to work upon. Whether
it is predicting things before they occur or creating devices with cognitive
capabilities Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play a major role,
this is the area from where the technological advancements arise in this
generation. Being a computer science undergraduate this clarity of the domain has
sparked my interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As I aspire to
carve a niche in the industry as a Machine Learning Engineer, I plan to join a
master’s degree in Computer Science to pave a path to reach my ultimate goal,
which is to contribute to the lucrative field.

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I developed an
interest in Computer Science when I was introduced to JAVA programming during my
junior high school, since then I have been exploring the field finding my calling
in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am benefited with
proficient syllabi content of my undergraduate studies in Computer Science from
Anurag Group of Institutions, Hyderabad, which helped me gain visual knowledge
on the core computers subjects. During this course, self-learning and sharing
my knowledge with others has proliferated my interest towards the field of
Computer Science. I enjoyed writing codes to the real-time computer science
problems, and learning and working with the core concepts of Data Structures.
This interest made me realise the
importance of this field and further prompts me to explore more in computers.


In addition to
holding an undergraduate degree, I am a certified professional in C, C++, Python,
JAVA, SQL, and Android from sources such as Udemy, IIT-Bombay (FOSS), Microsoft
Virtual Academy (MVA), a trained Microsoft Technology Associate in Databases
and HTML5 (Web-Technologies). Also, I have been a part of hackathons which
include Smart India Hackathon which was the country’s biggest hackathon that
was conducted nationwide. I was a part of GES-2017 (Global Entrepreneurship
Summit) Women Millennium Hackathon-2107, where we developed a tool for the
social cause for rural people and small enterprises aggregating the government
schemes available for them which were available in their local languages. I also
served as part of the team that developed a website and an application for our
college fest that was conducted by the Chemical department out of my own


I believe that
only practical work and experience would
give a better understanding of the concepts. During my undergraduate studies,
the major project that I worked on was IOT device Bio-Metric Door Lock. It uses
a fingerprint recognition system to open a door which is connected to the LAN and
can also be accessed from anywhere through a mobile
application, which is the most secure, user-friendly and also efficient
way to secure lockers or homes. Also, I have taken up a social cause project
Gesture-Vocalizer, where I developed an IOT device for the deaf and muted
people. The device could recognise the
gestures and emotions of them and give speech and text as output, which would
make their life easier. This has given me core insights of the emerging
Computer Science technologies.


An adept
industrial exposure has helped me in getting involved with the real-time
problems in the organisation and understanding
the core concepts of Computer Science while enhancing my communication skills. To
explore in the emerging field of Computer Science, I interned in the Vebzippmattic
Design Labs of the organisation named CZ
Smart Mobility, Chennai as a Web Developer. Here, I worked with the web development
tools for the projects of the organisation
as a backend developer for a period of eight months. I learned industry working
with the databases and the back-end tools, which acted as a platform for me to
put my knowledge into real-time problems. This experience has brought an
industry readiness for my career.


As the current
era has moved to automation, the advancement in the technology has inspired me
to explore in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I
imagine a world where devices communicate with each other without any human
intervention, where devices are integrated with the power of cognition that is
the devices capable of making decisions, which is the field in Computer Science
that interests me. The master’s course in Computer Science would be an ideal
step to pursue my goal, as I believe a little progress every day, adds up to
big results.


My immediate goal
is to pursue the master’s degree in Computer Science emphasising on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from a
globally recognised institution. I want
to explore my knowledge and develop skills by getting involved in the rigorous project
works and using the resources provided by the university to the maximum and expands
my connections while maintaining a strong
relationship with my professors and seniors. Three years down the line, I want
to be associated with an organisation as
a Machine Learning Engineer which would give me a scope to utilise my skills and abilities that offers me
a professional growth and make me capable for taking up the job that would help
me to reach my goal.


The Master’s
programme in Computer Science offered by the University  would surely provide me with the appropriate
knowledge, skills, and experience to I need to realise
my dream. Your well-designed course curriculum would provide me with a practical orientation through the excellent
research projects and laboratory facilities. I am certain of achieving my
professional goals with the priceless guidance
of the eminent faculty at your department. I am confident that my previous
academic and work experiences have prepared me with the knowledge and skills to
successfully pursue the challenging graduate studies. Henceforth, I seek
admission in your reputed graduate programme which would act as a crucial step
towards realising my career aspirations.