Statement comes from humanity”. We stand at

Statement of Purpose’Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning.

‘ Eugene Wilson  – these are the words I abide by. My academic endeavors have always been guided by this belief. And even today, it is curiosity, coupled with the determination to succeed, that drives me to undertake a master’s program in the field of Computer Science, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.In addition to famous AI products such as Roomba the smart vacuum cleaner and the Mars Rover, an application I came across during my undergraduate course in AI deeply fascinated me.

It was the project Inner House AI for Elders. Smart equipment installed everywhere in the house monitors the health conditions of old people living in the house and ensures their safety in all aspects. This idea greatly intrigued me, as this kind of an application has the potential to lead to a better quality of living. Moreover, while elders might feel uneasy with a human caretaker, computers can provide an efficient alternative by including an appropriate level of “human” touch. This can be achieved with AI. Computers cease to be cold machines – they become intelligent guardians, housekeepers, or even friends that keep good company.

For me, AI will certainly be my greatest tool to benefit the entire world. I am reminded of a beautiful slogan proposed by Nokia: “Technology always comes from humanity”. We stand at the threshold of a future wherein AI will aid human beings throughout their lives. I believe that intelligent and responsible use of this technology will bring about a great deal of smiling and happiness, elevating people’s living standards.

In my final year of Graduation, I worked on a project titled  “Pothole Management System using Image Processing and Geotagging” under the supervision of Prof. Sharmila Sengupta along with my team members. A metric to prioritize the potholes was established, incorporating the probability of various categories of potholes, on the basis of their areas. Image processing was used for identification of target pothole regions in 2D images. The dimensions of the potholes could be estimated from their images, enabling pothole attendance on a priority basis.

Starting from investigating traditional methods of filling the pothole, we found defects and thus proposed our algorithm as a better solution to these defects. Pothole Management was a completely new sphere for me and hence, I found it considerably challenging when conducting the research project. However, all our efforts paid off when we published the completed technical paper titled “Automated Management of Pothole Related Disasters using Image Processing and Geotagging”, in IJCSIT 2016.

We also won an award for the most realistic idea at IIT-Bombay, EYIC – Eyantra Idea Competition (National Level). Participating at such an elite level was a great encouragement for me because it proved that even though I was just an undergraduate, I was still capable of conducting research at an in depth level. Moreover, it helped me to understand how Artificial Intelligence techniques allow symbolic information to be exploited in conjunction with numerical data to improve object classification performance.I was equally, anxious and excited when after college I joined Accenture Solution Pvt Ltd as a Salesforce Developer. For more than a year, I got an opportunity to work on various projects, particularly in the Artificial Intelligence domain.

While implementing features like Einstein Vision, Chatbots on, IBM Watson – Rank & Retrieve, Image Recognition, PredictionIO used Machine Learning algorithms like Similar Product, NLP – Sentiment Analysis, Classification, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Universal Recommender, Frequent Pattern Mining. This was the first time I was exposed to AI inn the field. I learned how organizations are already leveraging this technology to create better solutions and improve their processes. And the deeper i got into the topic, the more fascinated I got with AI and the potential impact it could have on the future of the human race.Over the years, I have realized that one of the qualities that distinguish me from my peers is creativity. I having trained in Indian classical music for more than four years and even performed at music festivals. I’ve also studied charcoal and oil Painting for more than six years.

My creativity has been an asset and a gift, which has provided me with innumerable inspirations in my work and personal life. While studying computer science, I often reminded myself of being creative in this academic field. Computer science greatly contributes to the advancement of the human race, and it is only by novel thinking and immense creativity that computer scientists can leverage the true power of computers to benefit humankind.I want to make sure that the company I am building is around for a long term and with this goal in mind I decided to study further in an institute that help me further my goals. I am looking for a school that has world-class study and research atmosphere, the best faculty, exceptional peers, and excellent infrastructure.

I’m looking for an institute that can provide the requisite cognitive and experiential resources to help me attain my ambitions.