STATEMENT a far more difficult task. At the


My Philosophy about my career

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It is at this stage
of my career that I gradually formulated a definitive strategy, keeping the
line with my future aspirations. The past few internship opportunities have so
far helped me understand the real world perspectives of from a micro level, now
I wish to take a more Macro perspective. 

My life till date has taught me that our pursuit of
achieving the tangibles is but a consequence of the final goal of achieving the
intangibles, which I know is a far more difficult task. At the risk of sounding
slightly philosophical and vague, I would say that I wish in my own way to make
a difference. It is only in retrospect that I can judge my degree of success.

Goals and my reasons for pursuing my M.S in Industrial Engineering

I know a Master’s degree is looked
upon by most as a ticket to a high paying job. But that does not happen to be
my dream. After completion of my Masters, I would like to work for a
conglomerate to become proficient in applying the knowledge I have accrued, and
then go about applying the same in the business I finally plan to set up.
Though I would like to start off with a specific business, but would later like
to expand into a global conglomerate providing a range of services and products
that cater to various segments of the globe. In the process, I would like to
experiment with different business models, and finally develop a model that has
standardized parameters, and yet has a flexible structure in allowing it to
adapt to various business scenarios.

I have always
believed that undergraduate study has open doors to many facets, of course,
related to Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering is one of them. To
acquire an in-depth knowledge in a chosen field, graduate study is a necessity.
I would like to pursue my graduate degree and learn state-of-art technology to
excel in the technology wave of next millennium. In
my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, I
have studied only a few subjects related to Industrial Engineering getting a
Master’s degree would help me to get in-depth knowledge about Industrial
Engineering in order to develop my thoughts and ideas regarding the field of
Industrial Engineering that interests me.


My past internship was characterized by a dichotomy of
approaches. The courses that I took in this area dealt with various operational
and tactical issues. The basic aim was to understand a specific problem, model
the problem appropriately and find an optimal or reasonably optimal solution
using the techniques of Operations Research. This has given me a good
background in issues related to methodology, modeling, and heuristic solutions.

I have realized
that to achieve my ultimate objective it is imperative that I have a platform
that will not only provide me the credibility, but also an environment that
inspires and encourages me to look beyond the set parameters. With this ideal
in mind, coursework in Industrial Engineering offers students an opportunity to
develop and refine the skills necessary for competition in the digital age. For
all of the reasons cited above, I have opted to pursue my master’s degree in
Industrial Engineering.



Why your

is with a desire of studying in an environment, which promises to be at the
vanguard of every technical discovery and innovation; I wish to pursue my
masters and later my doctoral studies from the USA. My academic credentials
though impressive are not really enough to fulfill my ambitions. I feel it
would be futile to mention the obvious about the reputation of your university.

Northeastern University is one of the best schools for Industrial Engineering
in the world with a strong orientation towards research. The eminent faculty
and the individualized nature of the Master’s program will definitely bring out
the best in me. I would like to reiterate that I possess the background, the
ability and the motivation to make a significant contribution to your

the graduate study is an important step in my professional life, I don’t want
to make a compromise on the quality of my education. When it comes to quality
education, your University is one of the few places I can think of. I also view
your University as an ideal place where I would get a chance to work on
real-time industrial projects. In specifics, the highly relevant
course contents with subjects like Supply chain Management, Deterministic
Operations Research and Engineering Project Management have been a major point
of attraction. But the most important factor influencing my decision has
been the state of the art facilities like the Laboratory ___________________
and ________________, Along
with fascinating research being conducted by your faculty in areas of _______________________,
_____________________ and ________________.I would consider it my
privilege, and give my best, if I may be allowed to associate myself with the
research work, even in a minor capacity. I am sure I will prove myself worthy
of the confidence you place in me.


(Kindly refer to my resume for details)

 I have
always been fascinated by the concepts of Industrial Engineering like
Operations Research, Operations Management, Supply chain Management and
Logistics, Automation in manufacturing, Quality Control etc. paved the path for my future career.


I studied up on the various options available, and
Industrial Engineering seemed to appeal to me as no other. My undergraduate
course in Mechanical Engineering has been one of the motivating factors for me
to drift towards masters in Industrial Engineering.


My Bachelor’s degree is impressive,
it is towards the achievement of this end that I have taken the utmost effort.
I have during my vacations made it a point to undergo training (internship) in
some of the most reputed organizations. Namely among them being “BEMCO
Hydraulics” and “Lotus Engineering Works.” And
currently working as an intern (full time) at “Shashi Sidnal Foods”. My
project “Multipurpose
Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine” has been the most educative
experiences, which has allowed me to understand the practicability involved in
the implementation of various complex theoretical principles. 


I can say with conviction that I have till date used all
resources and opportunities at my disposal to prepare myself within and outside
the prescribed curriculum to give me an edge over my peers, and enhance my
exposure and knowledge in the said field. I have presented papers at National
Level Technical Fest titled Floating Windmills and Noise Control in IC
Engines. I also hold the credit of Attending National Level
Workshop “PLETORA’16” on Basic and Advance Level in Automobile Development
Process and training and certification courses on AutoCAD
and CATIA have been an eye-opener in itself to acquire knowledge what even
classroom coaching could not teach.


If you plot my semester grades you would observe that it
raises high every semester. This made me believe that I can achieve many more
things if I put little more efforts.  When I was in my 1st semester,
CAED (2D drawing) lab was my 1st exam of engineering and I
ended up scoring 61/125. I was broken and I decided that I would overcome this
fear and work hard on it and scored 104/125 in the computer-aided machine
drawing (3D drawing).


My Professional Qualities

Professionally I thrive on
Challenges. I have always believed that I have it in me to excel in any and
every assignment I undertake. I pride myself on my extreme professionalism,
though with a human touch.


I work best when working under pressure. Thus I
believe that the ability to keep a calm analytical head and perform under pressure is perhaps
one of my biggest assets.

Though a strong believer in Individual brilliance, I am an excellent
team player and I believe I will be able to channelize the positive energy of
all my colleagues and ensure a better team and affable environment in the

My Qualities
as a person and my possible contributions to your University

Like I
mentioned above to be a truly successful professional especially in a crossover
field like Industrial Engineering, I feel it is imperative that one is capable
of looking at the bigger picture, and develop one’s EQ as well as IQ. It is
with this aim I have tried to develop various facets of my personality by being
actively involved in various extracurricular and co-curricular activities at
the highest level.

With globalization, the new age buzzword, management
principles formulated for hitherto insular economies no longer stand valid, the
new rules being formulated will have to be compatible with every culture across
the globe. Along similar lines, the knowledge of Industrial Engineering would
have to address the various cross-cultural issues and practices. It is here I
believe I will succeed in collating my real-world perspective from my region of
the world into the educational collage of your Institution and contribute to
making the educational experience a complete experience for all my classmates.