STATEMENT of different fermenters, blenders, dryers and

My mother always recollects that, I used to imitate my paternal uncle who is a post graduate in
chemistry. I used to follow him to the laboratories and observe him keenly performing experiments
with various chemicals. As a teenager I had an opportunity to visit Indian immunologicals limited
along with my uncle who worked as a production manager. There I got to witness many complex
working processes of different fermenters, blenders, dryers and granulators. The huge laboratories and
the equipment’s fantasized me. The various perspectives achieved through these observations ignited
a curiosity in me to pursue Chemical Engineering later on.
Being the sixth biggest economy in the world, India has come a long way in terms of industrial
prowess, technological advancement, and technical capabilities. Automation has become a way of
life, through the increasing population it has grown leaps and bound. However, our industries still
remain technologically handicapped. The field of chemical engineering particularly requires an
elevation in terms of quality and efficiency therefore. The growth has stunted due to generic
availability of technology and blueprints and that’s where I feel the responsibility of stepping as a
Chemical Engineer. Chemical Engineering has an amazing scope covering a wide range of
concentrations from thermodynamics and material science to process optimisation and design of
equipment. The various perspectives achieved through these subjects ignites a curiosity to learn and
master this field in a better and sustainable manner.
Introduction to the courses on Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Process
Simulation, and Optimization built a foundation for me to develop an immense passion for the subject
of Process Equipment and Design. This subject put my entire dream of being a chemical engineer into
perspective and joined the dots which helped me understand why there was a need for more chemical
engineers in the world. The basics of the various subjects were instilled in me by the professors in our
institution so effectively that my thirst to achieve something incredible in this aspect became credible.
Generic designs with inefficient results and poor performance of equipment which are not energy
saving in nature is a major drawback today in Chemical industries. The combination of latest
technology which focuses on sustainable utilisation of resources, is economically viable and ideally
productive has become a goal of mine to achieve.
Getting to study at one of the leading colleges, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology afforded
the benefit of application-oriented, practice-based learning environment. The course projects allowed
me to work on projects such as ‘Anodization on Aluminium Components ‘which is an electrolytic
passivation process. This process is used to increase the thickness of oxide layer on the surface of the
components. The oxide layer is grown by passing electricity in the bath of electrolytic solution.
Different types of anodization techniques can be adopted depending upon the metal we choose. This
process increases resistance to corrosion, provides better adhesion to paints and the surface of the
component totally behaves as an insulating material. The diverse core chemical events, technical clubs
offered the right platform. Since 2014, I have been a regular participant of ‘Chemspark’ which has
provided an opportunity to experience as well as present papers continue my love affair with this field
of engineering.
Lab and internship projects, on the other hand, helped me gain exposure to real-world application of
simple engineering subjects. It all started with a group internship at the Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant
where we got a chance to witness and learn many chemical engineering operations that were useful in
understanding them easily. We were trained in “Coke Ovens and Coal Chemical Plants”. The most
important source of energy, coal is converted to coke in coke oven batteries. This leads to liberation of
hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide gas which are collected and further processed to produce products
like Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Ammonium Sulphate, and Naphthalene. Along with this, we also
witnessed the treatment of waste water by biological and chemical treatment process.
I am currently working on a project discussing the manufacture of Aniline. This project thoroughly
explains the manufacturing of a chemical from start to finish. All details required to produce a
chemical from its properties and the selection of the production process to design of a process
equipment along with the plant design economics and consideration of safety aspects of an industrial
plant everything has been brought together and has given me a better visualisation of what I want to
achieve in the future. In combination, the above experiences have helped me understand the
challenges that are yet to be addressed and areas that need further refinement and improvement.
Gaining the right knowledge and practical skills are the key to address the issues of an industry, one
that I seek to acquire through the Masters in Chemical Engineering.
Further, coming from a working-class family, I have been trained to seek and value each opportunity
that has come my way. I price nurturing relationships and strong work ethics to be crucial for personal
and professional success. Involving myself in a plethora of student organizations in organizing,
coordinating and leadership roles for conducting some of the most sought-after and coveted college
level events and competitions. This has shaped the person in me. Many of these positions have tested
my self-confidence, more importantly, taught me to take risks and test the limits of my potential.
These experiences will allow me to not only amalgamate, but equally contribute to the vibrant student
body present at the university.
I am aware that the experience that awaits me at the graduate school and the life beyond requires
much higher levels of commitment, perseverance and practice. But I believe in its worth because I am
confident that it will transform me what I have to achieve to what I want. The Masters of Chemical
Engineering Program at University of Alberta will provide me a suitable platform to pursue my
graduation. I found that the Chemical department at University of Alberta is dedicated towards cutting
edge research areas in the field of Chemical Engineering. Being a globally recognized university, it
offers just the right blend of ideal courses with apt specialization along with practical knowledge. On
taking into account, the current marketing trends and research areas in the core chemical field, I came
to a valuable conclusion that this university will assist me in my personal and professional growth. It
will also deliver me an opportunity to pursue my research interests and take my career to the next
If given an opportunity to pursue graduate studies at your university, I commit to contribute to the
tradition of research and learning .I will give my best efforts in addressing the intriguing challenges in
the field of Chemical Engineering.