STATEMENT career objectives, I have opted for



is a tool that puts one on a fast track to acquire knowledge and personality
that sets one apart from the crowd. It is a bottomless hole. No matter how much
deeper one goes, one thirsts for more. With a profound sense of indulgence
towards the opportunity extended to me, I draft this brief statement of my
intentions. In a significant career plan, considering my academic and work experience
background, ability and career objectives, I have opted for Post Graduation
Diploma in Project Management. It is my firm belief that only specialization in
one’s field of interest would unleash one’s creativity and talent to contribute
something original to development in the field of Management of an

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skills have made an indelible mark on me right from my school days. School made
me realize my potential and what I was capable of. I was very grateful to my
mentors who emphasized more on practical knowledge and all round growth. During
my high school days, I was overwhelmed by management concepts which seemed very
interesting. This childhood interest has had a significant impact on me for it
did instill in me the sense of inquiry and curiosity in management work.

graduate and undergraduate program has given me a strong background in the fundamentals
of various Computer Engineering subjects like Big data, Advanced Linux, Advanced
Networking, Cryptography and Networking, Data Modeling, and so on. My keen
interest in the above subjects has motivated me to take up further specialized

have excelled in academics at every step in my education. Throughout the twelve
years of schooling I have always been ranked among the top of my class. I
secured an aggregate of 77% in 10th
standard. My interest in Mathematics and Physical sciences prompted me to join
in pre-university course with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as core
subjects and I completed my higher secondary education from Sri Vyshnavi Junior
College, Hyderabad, one of the prestigious institutions in the state with an
aggregate of 65.5%. I secured a Bachelors seat in St’Peters
Engineering College which is based out of Hyderabad and affiliated to
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. I secured my Masters in Computer science
based out in United States of America. My graduate record is consistent through
all the semesters, though I was more interested in some of the course and their
practical applications.

academic pursuits have not prevented me from participating with interest in
various extracurricular activities. I am a regular participant in school
debates and seminars and cultural programs. My interest in such activities has
given me an additional recognition in the society which always makes me a different
from remaining people.

highly  talented faculty with industrial association,
a milieu replete with academic activity, and a post graduate program that
blends high classification course work and research opportunity at the cutting
edge of every sub-field are the factors which have motivated me to choose this  college for post graduate studies. I see a
perfect synergy between my academic aspirations and what the college offers.
The flexibility incorporated in its educational system, the intense interaction
with industry and exposure to the cutting edge Curriculum is all that beckons
me. My decision to pursue Post graduate diploma study in Canada is fortified by
my desire to be a part of the graduate program at your institution.

Post Graduate program at esteemed college ideally suits to realize my goals and
aspirations. After going through the College website, I have found the faculty
and their research work to be quite interesting. I feel that my association with
this college would certainly help me throughout my career. I am optimistic that
given the slot, I will be able to make significant impact in my field of my

earnestly request you to accept my candidature for Post graduation diploma in Project

          YeswanthReddy  SodamPeddireddy