Statement proof that I have a strong background

of Purpose

love of Science started in high school where Miss Nwabufo, my Chemistry
Teacher, did not only teach us chemistry but also linked the knowledge to vast
careers in Science. Thereafter, I applied for admission at the prestigious
University of Benin, Nigeria, and was admitted to study Industrial chemistry
sequel to a satisfactory outcome of the entrance examination.

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the undergraduate level, my interest in Science became focused after taking an
environmental chemistry course where my lecturer, Professor Ukpebor, explained
to us the environmental impact of global warming caused by greenhouse gases
mostly via combustion of fossil fuels. This aroused my interest, so I did
personal research on energy and found out that in today’s complex and
ever-changing world with increasing demand for renewable energy, chemical
sciences are fundamental in shaping the future. Hence I have decided to further
my studies in the field of renewable and clean energy.

search for a reputable institution, where I would have the privilege to acquire
my desired knowledge, led me to the work of Dr. Marek Majewski’s, on developing
inorganic materials for catalyzing light-driven processes, -who coincidentally is
looking for an MSc student to work on developing new molecular materials for
solar fuels generation and photocatalytic surface functionalization-. Thus, I
have chosen MSc in Chemistry at the University of Concordia, so as to have the
opportunity to be part of his research team.

am confident that I am the type of student he wants, having barged the best
graduating student in my set (class of 2015), with a total CGPA of 4.68/5.0.
Being able to top the entire University from a department like Industrial
chemistry, is a proof that I have a strong background in inorganic chemistry
and photochemistry, with an understanding of ground and excited state
spectroscopies, catalysis, and inorganic/organic synthesis.

have also worked briefly (11 months) at Petroleum Chemistry Laboratory of
American University of Nigeria (AUN), where I worked as a research assistant. At
AUN, I learned how to use some chromatographic and spectroscopic machines to carry
out research and laboratory works on inorganic, analytical, organic, physical
and polymer aspects of chemistry. These also propelled my interest in renewable
and clean energy and I believe I can make a great impact in this field.

motivation and enthusiasm for research; and to make an impact in my chosen career,
coupled with my excellent academic performance and work experience made me join
American Chemical Society (ACS) as Regular Member.

addition to Dr. Marek Majewski’s work, I strongly want to study at Concordia
because of the following reasons: the occasions to work with internationally
renowned faculty; access to specialized research centers and state-of-the-art
instrumentation; the department’s knowledge in areas of growing significance;
and the financial support. I will also like to embark on a Co-op MSc program,
if approved, to experience the immediate impact of my research.

After my master’s program, I will
like to continue my Ph.D. training in Chemistry, if approved by the University.
I am a Research Scientist, with a strong interest in meeting the energy demand
of the world and I believe that Master of Science (Chemistry) in your
university will help me make an impact. The reason is that the program is
designed to advance my analytical and experimental knowledge in chemistry through
a combination of specialized courses, seminars and a supervised original
research project culminating in a thesis. Another reason being that in addition
to departmental course offerings, I can take advantage of crossover teaching
with other science departments, and workshops offered through Concordia’s
Graduate & Professional Skills program to perfect my skills.