Statement of Purpose for Masters in Information Systems Essay

In the near future, my aim is to attain an advanced education in Information Systems through a Masters Program. It will provide me the intellectual stimulation, guidance and creative energy to work on the cutting edge of technology in today’s computing field as well as with businesses, which deals with computer-based information system. I wish to pursue these goals as my long-term professional aspiration is to put my footprints in the field of Information System Design through contribution of original ideas and translating those ideas to develop high end applications and products which helps improving people’s lives.

Using my innovation and creativity I want to invent some cutting edge technology that will be beneficial in improving people’s lives. In this endeavor, I hope to contribute significantly to the human society by improving the quality of life and standard of living. In pursuit of these goals, I decided to apply to the MS in Information Systems program at Good University. I worked in XYZ company. as an IT professional where I viewed the industry from the very limited perspective of Information Technology. My curriculum was limited in the developing and some interacting relating to product to the business managers.

The idea of the core of the business related issues of an organization is somewhat vague to me. I want to learn the entire business process of the Information Systems industry, which cannot be possible without gaining hands on experience as a business professional and working 3 to 5 years at least to get a full overview of the Information System business. This is where the MS-IS program will help me. The MS-IS program deals with the study of people, technology, and organizations and the relationships among them. The MS-IS professionals help maximizing the business processes using information systems for data management.

The Good University also boasts a distinguished faculty, and I look forward to working with those, like Dr. ABC, known for his multiple research and expertise in the field of information systems and technology. I would wish to apply those skills in working with a large organization and contribute in enhancing the business processes through Information Systems. All this will develop me both as a professional and as a responsible individual with a well-rounded personality, which is why I am applying to College of Business at Good University for the Master’s program in IS.