Statement of Purpose for Mba Essay

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Having been ward of an army officer. I have been exposed to different places, cultures and diverse experiences. So valuable in building all round developed personality and a good citizen. I graduated with honours in psychology and economics, which I am sure will help me understand the needs of people as a Fund Manager. I have a deep interest in management and leadership having seen it up close in the army, where use of men and material along with leadership are used to create results disproportionate to the resources used.

I am fond of books by D. H. Lawrence, John Milton and most of all E. M Foster.

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Other than reading I generally spend my time listening to music specially Carpenters, Jim Reeves and Kenny Rogers. My favourite sports are squash and swimming, for which I usually allocate time in the evenings. As part of my ambition to become a successful Fund Manager, during my summer vacations while undergoing graduation I joined Master Marts and am now working part time with Sai Pyramids Investments as a Terminal Operator.My stint with them has helped me to understand organisational architecture, day to day business processes and functioning.

The insight into stock market, its importance at the lowest levels, has given me valuable practical lessons. This experience further strengthened my resolve that Business Management is my career of choice. To take my quest for becoming a successful Business Manager further, formal post graduate study in Business Administration has become a must.This study will provide me with the necessary theoretical and practical skills so essential for being a successful manager. I want to do my MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies , because having interacted with the students of SIMS, I feel that the excellent faculty with emphasis on financial management, developing analytical skills and practical exposure will help me in becoming the well rounded Business Manager that I wish to become.