Statement of Purpose Robotics Essay

“In this universe. you either have an alibi or a narrative. I prefer to hold a story” is the personal end I have set for myself. This reinforces my belief in taking duty for the determinations of my life. Bing the boy of a scientist at DRDO. India. I have been fascinated about research and development since my early school yearss. I understand the importance of an accurate and precise instrument. no affair how little or large it is and besides the ineptitude of the same in context of even a individual human life. I achieved All India 25th rank in CIPEL Science and Mathematics Olympiad during high school life.

I was awarded scholarship from my school for academic excellence and all unit of ammunition public presentation in co-curricular activities like testing. debating. singing et cetera from my 6th class right up to 10th criterion. I did a undertaking on Analysis of assorted Indian Missiles in 8th Standard which gave me an penetration into assorted propellent systems and therefore got me interested into researching the huge spheres of scientific discipline and engineering. In my senior secondary school at DAV Chandrasekharpur. I participated in a State Level Chemistry Exhibition and won the 2nd award.

We had demonstrated fabrication process of bio-diesel from used vegetable oil in a cost effectual manner. After go throughing out with 80 % Markss I chose Institute of Technical Education and Research. Bhubaneswar to prosecute my undergraduate surveies. Though I was adept in C++ scheduling in senior secondary degree. I chose Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering as my subdivision of surveies to derive proficient art in one of the most budding Fieldss of research and development. I will. any twenty-four hours. rate practical accomplishments far more of import than theoretical know-how.

Therefore. as a freshman I was an active member of the college Robotics nine and the Society of Automotive Engineers. As a sophomore. I represented my university at TECHFEST 2010 ( IIT Bombay ) and was awarded certification of ‘Engineering Excellence’ in the event ROBO-Wars where ours was the lone radio bot from amongst 64 ( sixty-four ) selected colleges across the universe. including BITS Dubai. We defeated IIT Delhi’s squad on the manner semi-finals. In the same twelvemonth I was besides selected in the college squad for ABU Robocon-INDIA as a member of algorithm and plan development squad.

We had an mean coating but an first-class experience from being amongst most enthusiast robotics applied scientists of the state. Our squad is really good appreciated in Eastern India as it has gone on to win assorted robotics events at proficient festivals of many universities including IIT Kharagpur. IIT Delhi. IIT Bhubaneswar. VIT Vellore. KIIT Bhubaneswar and many others. I was selected for internship at Integrated Test Range. Balasore where I worked upon design and simulation of mathematical theoretical account of a DC motor in MATLAB. There I gained perspective about preciseness control of a normal DC motor.

In the undermentioned twelvemonth I was appointed as the pupil coordinator of the Robotics Club of our university. The work involves pull offing nine proceedings. carry oning hebdomadal seminars. easing issue of robotics constituents. pull offing the finance. carry oning one-year robotics competition at national degree proficient festival of the university etc. I continue to be the pupil coordinator of the ITER Robotics Club in my concluding twelvemonth besides. I am soon the planning squad member of the national degree one-year techno-management fest of my university.

In 2011 summer. I got an chance to work under Shri P. Murli Krishna at Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Research. Bengaluru as an intern. We worked on developing a construction of four-footed and carried on simulations for assorted physical conditions. The work included incorporating MD ADAMS quadruped theoretical account with three grades of freedom along with SIMULINK. The construction of quadruped was successfully simulated. I continue to work upon the things learnt at that place and have. therefore been working upon simulation of Humanoid with assorted grades of freedom as a portion of my concluding twelvemonth undertaking.

The concluding semester undertaking in my undergraduate class is about technology a android which replicates its operator on existent clip utilizing depth camera. We are utilizing Microsoft Kinect as image acquisition tool as it produces RGB and IR images which provide us with depth image. Using this image. we are to command a practical android designed utilizing SolidWorks and being simulated on ADAMS platform. After the simulation is successful. we intend to implement it on a ego designed hardware theoretical account. Robotics remains premier country of involvement for me.

It is an merger of assorted Fieldss of survey in technology and. in my belief ; merely a complete applied scientist can win in developing it to the degree it was believed to hold ranges decennaries ago. This calls for comprehensive research and I would desire to prosecute Robotics as a calling and non merely avocation. Besides. an academic plan under the counsel of research oriented professors would assist me place the country of research in robotics that has maximal potency of growing in the old ages to follow. Down the line. I see myself as a research worker and an academician in a planetary research institute.

Bing the coordinator of the biggest proficient nine of my college. I have appreciable sum of experience of carry oning seminars and learning topics related to robotics to interested partisans. I believe I would be able to make justness to myself merely in a platform which provides me with ample chances of research. Hence I have decided to prosecute my Masters degree in a research-focused environment. The Computer Science MSE in with Robotics/Human Computer Interaction as nucleus research country appears to be the perfect platform for robotics partisans like myself.

The Project Areas listed on the web page look to be merger of all possible Fieldss to robotics. in which Associate Dr Gregory D Hager’s work involvements me the most. Besides. I have closely followed some of the research documents while working on human-robot interaction for my concluding twelvemonth undertaking and look forward to be a portion of such a extremely research oriented lab. I unfeignedly to trust see myself as a portion of the JHU household from FALL 2012. Financial Assistantships/ support are meekly requested.