STATEMENT real life situations. This had enhanced

STATEMENT OF PURPOSEABOUT MYSELF I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as UmangPatel; belonging to one of the most vibrant and cheerful city in India to live,which is Ahmedabad City of Gujarat State. I want to become capable of facingdifferent difficulties in life with my inquisitive mind. The reason behindpursuing graduate studies is that I want to gain more technical knowledge withupdated resources and modern engineering applications. I am always keen to applytheoretical concepts in real life situations. This had enhanced my knowledgeand skills in engineering field up to a great extent. Global exposure inEducation is the first step towards realizing what I have foresighted formyself.

 FAMILY BACKGROUNDI live in a joint familyconsisting of eight members. I am blessed to have a tutor like parents whoencourage me in every aspect and also motivate me during difficult time. MyFather is a Businessman and my mother is ahousewife. My elder sister has completed her nursing studies and currently sheis married woman. I feel lucky to have such a lively family who enriched mewith moral and social values.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNDI completed my SSC (10th) grade exam with 85.08% in the year2010. After that I have completed my HSC (12th) grade exam in science streamwith 72.46% in the year 2012. Currently I am pursuing my 4 year Bachelor’sDegree in Mechanical Engineering acquiring 8.11 CGPA and 8.10 CPI up to 7thSemester from a renowned college named L.

JInstitute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad falling under GujaratTechnological University’s Affiliation. WHY THIS COURSE?Program: Mechanical EngineeringDuration:  2 years Start Date: September 2016                          Level of Study: Master My interest towards the field ofscience made me to opt for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in my highersecondary education. After completing my high school with appropriate grades, Ifelt that engineering would be the area where I can learn and explore thefundamentals of science.

I always wanted to learn the fundamentals andmechanisms of various machines related to manufacturing. Thus mechanicalengineering was a direct consequence of my convictions. Subjects likeManufacturing process, CAD/CAM, Machine design, Fluid mechanics, Heat and masstransfer, Kinematics and Dynamics of machines, Automotive engineering,Industrial management and so on, revealed to me limitless horizons in the fieldof mechanical engineering. My undergraduate study included various IndustrialTraining programs that made my knowledge of fundamentals and their practicalapplication more vivid. I also completed two projects related to manufacturingduring my final year in graduate studies. I believe that amechanical engineer can infuse life into imagination. This field is much more diverseand automotive. This field will definitely help me to accomplish my desire forgetting all manufacturing related knowledge .

The pursuit for knowledge has beenthe supreme goal in my life. In order to satiate my curiosity and to fulfill myambitions I have decided to pursue a master’s program in MechanicalEngineering. WHY UNIVERSITY OF LAKEHEAD?Ibelieve that the Graduate Program in your University will provide me theopportunity to enable further honing of my technical and analytical skillsacquired thus far. Also its rich blend of competent faculty, intensecurriculum, cherished history of success and multiethnic diversity amongstudents would be the ideal place to shape my career. It would also help me to learn globalstandards in this field and will make me aware of the worldwide competition,which I consider would be a great help for me to make a strong contribution inthe field of Mechanical Engineering. I am also confident that given an opportunity, I cancontribute to the ongoing work in your graduate program in a productive manner.I therefore look forward to joining your esteemed University for pursuinghigher studies leading to a Master’s Degree.

  WHY CANADA?Canada has one ofthe best and most respected education systems in the world. Canada offers one of the best, highlyrecognized globally & well organized education systems across the globe. Canada also gives one ofthe best living standards and in addition to that a clean, safe and hospitalityenvironment with very high safety standards for international students. Thereis absolutely no racial or social discrimination in Canada. People from all thenationalities live in total harmony in Canada.Canadian Education standards are accepted and respected throughout the world.

Mostimportantly I love the fact that Canada is abundant in Innovative and AbundantResearch Opportunities which can become one of the milestones in my careerpath.      CAREER PLANMy objectiveis to enhance myself with all the practical knowledge and get cleared with allthe base concepts in the field of Mechanical engineering. I want to hone myintellectual abilities; to acquire in-depth competence in my stream ofengineering; to develop individuality and conviviality; to learn for collectivegood and expand my horizons of knowledge.

I would like to lead the organization,which requires fostering of team spirit and good will besides intellectual andcreative environment. My dream is to apply my gained advanced knowledge inbenefit and service of industry for its sustainable development. Thanking You,Sincerely,Umang Patel