Statement Functional Analysis, Network Optimization and Algebra were

Statement of Purpose Bearing in mind my academic background, capabilities and interest of becoming a math researcher and teaching faculty, I have decided to apply for a Ph.D. program in mathematics in University of Texas at Dallas. Since my early age, I have a keen fascination and knack for mathematics and physics which could be the reason why I was good in these subjects. I continued these courses up to my undergraduate second year but during my second year study I found myself gradually inclined towards Mathematical Analysis and Algebra. I enjoyed studying these subjects for hours and hours as I found everything on them logical and interconnected to each other. This dedication ultimately became the reason for my choice to have mathematics as my major for further study.  Due to my strong concepts in undergraduate courses I secured second highest marks in the entrance exam and got admission in M.Sc. I studied master’s with full efforts using most of the time studying and improving knowledge through interactions with professors and participating in related gatherings and conferences. Also, I took variety of courses from pure to applied mathematics among which Functional Analysis, Network Optimization and Algebra were my favorite courses and the “short five lemma”, “Hahn-Banach theorem” and “Max-flow,min-cut theorem” are some of the topics that I enjoyed much and chose for presentation. Apart from my course book, I studied additional books like “Real & Complex Analysis -Walter Rudin”, “Introduction To Topology And Modern Analysis -G.f Simmons”, “Problems In Mathematical Analysis -Piotr Biler and Alfred Witkowski” to increase my subjective knowledge and as a result I managed to complete my master’s with distinction marks (89.62%) and was able to hold top ten position among the cohort of 135 students. As soon as I completed master’s, I resumed teaching mathematics in a high school where I taught mathematics in a different way sometimes correlating it with day to day phenomenon and sometimes discovering patterns to make it memorable. But due to lack of research skills and advanced techniques I was limited. Therefore, I decided to enhance my theoretical knowledge with some needy research skills and innovative ideas doing a Ph.D. and to make this dream come true I shifted from my hometown to Kathmandu and cloistered myself within the four walls for months and devoted my entire leisure time studying and preparing for the standardized test, despite my hectic job schedule. All that efforts and dedication paid off when I managed to get a decent score (GRE Quant-166; 91 percentile). With this, I was encouraged to pave my way forward doing a thorough internet research and involved in the conversations with my seniors and found that UTD is the best match as it has highly qualified and supportive professors with best infrastructures.  Finally, though I have not yet been involved in advanced research in mathematics, I believe my academic background, determination, teaching experiences and some additional programming knowledge (such as MATLAB and LaTeX) which help me to be a suitable candidate for joining your graduate program with a Graduate Assistantship. Furthermore, with a Ph.D. degree from UTD, I plan to continue research and teaching career in the concerned field till my senses work. Also, I wish to bridge the gap between theoretical and research aspects of mathematics in my country with collaboration and support from my link at UTD and share my innovative knowledge with graduate students in Nepal.     Name: Mani Dhakal Email: [email protected]