Steinbeck Presents Curley’s Wife Essay

Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife as the only women in the ranch and because she doesn’t have a name it shows that she is not important and she is someone’s belonging.

The first time you hear about Curley’s wife is when candy describes her to George. Candy uses expression such as “she got the eye” and goes on to describe her as looking at other man because of this they call her a “tart”. Through Candy’s words, we could develop an initial perception of Curley’s wife as Flirty and even promiscuous.

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This manipulates us by leading us into having a negative view of her.Her first appearance in the Novel focuses on her appearance. The way she acts, the way she looks and the way she speaks with others. The first sentence about her was “the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway cut off” this shows how she stands there to get attention and get noticed by the ranchers. This make us think as a reader in other way she stood in that certain place because she knows that they will look at her. Her physical appearance of “full”, “rough lips” and “wide-spaced eyes”,” Heavily made up” and “her fingernails were red” this shows how see got the natural shape on an actor.The “heavily made up” this shows that she want to make her self look attractive so the ranchers will look at her and feel love in her. The colour “red” shows that its a symbol of danger and on the other side the thick bright colours stands out from other things so this can make her self get noticed by others that is all she wanted.

George seems to believe Candy he says to Lennie “don’t you even take a look at that bitch” this shows the feelings that George got towards Curley’s wife.She is lonely “stands there looking in” which shows she nothing to do and because of her loneliness she wanted to be loved by others so she acts like she is flirting. They say she is a “flirty” but it is the only way she knows how to get attention. Our negative feelings towards Curley’s wife begin to change when she enters Crooks; a Nigro worker residence. She enters by asking “ Any you boy seen Curley” this shows that she knows that he is not here because if he was there she will run away from that place.

This shows that hey she don’t have anything to talk with people so she uses this words to start a new conversation.When they responded to her question she talks about her loneliness and desire to live her own life. “I don’t like to talk to somebody else’ once a while? ” this shows how she wants to get near people and talk to them without being alone. The only thing she want is to get attention and noticed by people she don’t want to flirt with anyone because she only wants to be loved and to get away from loneliness. When she Crooks telling her to get out of his room that is where she turns nasty against crooks. She says “you know what I could do? ” this shows her power against the disabled black man but she is not really a powerful one on the ranch.You could see as a reader when Crooks says” yes ma’am “ this shows that he have to act the way she is telling him to because she is the ranch owner’s son’s wife.

Candy wants to get rid of her because of what happened to Crooks he says “ if you go right now, we won’t tell Curley you was here” this shows that he shows how to make her go away so he mentioned Curley name to remind her about him. She is very scared and fascinated by Curley whenever she hears his name she runs away from that place she says “ I’m glad you up Curley a little bit” bust shows us the up Curley a little bit” this shows the fear and hate she got it inside her.She is a plot device. Steinbeck used her just like she used by men. I think she is the main character. She is like an actor. She wore “cotton house dress and red mules” this shows that she always act like an actor the things she does lead her to think she is an actor but in reality she is not.

Our feeling toward Curley’s wife is like a rollercoaster because in one scene we feel a little but sympathy and nice about her but on the other scene we feel disgust and we hates the way she acts.