STEM greatly sharpened his reading skills. His

STEM High School for Boys
Cosmic village, Ahmed Zewail St., Oasis rd., 6th of October city, Giza

        I am honored to write
this recommendation letter on behalf of Kareem Saad. During my time of work at
STEM school, Kareem was one of the few students I met that integrate the
qualities of leadership, amazing language skills and friendliness.

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Kareem’s leadership
skills are those of an adult. During his time at the school, he has always been
chosen as the leader of the group. His dedication, creativity and more
importantly his cheerful personality make him do any job successfully. Any
group that had Kareem as a leader was always of an outstanding performance.
Their work was well- organized and was admired by all their colleagues. Even
outside the class, his ability to lead was of a great benefit to the whole
school. He was an effective member of both the chemistry and biology groups.
Teachers of chemistry and biology felt comfortable to leave the organization of
the labs to him. In these activities, he helped many of his colleagues in
conducting important experiments.

Kareem’s language skills are excellent .
His ability to quickly brainstorm ideas and express them in an organized essay
makes him one of the best writers in the school. Kareem is also a perfect
reader, as he spends most of his free time reading novels. This excellent use of
time has greatly sharpened his reading skills. His listening and speaking
skills are also impeccable. He can listen to long conversations and understand
them completely in an astonishing way. Moreover, his agile mind enables him to
talk fluently about any topic with little or no previous preparation. He is
also patient, disciplined and a hard worker. Kareem spends most of his time
studying and researching. His love for knowledge makes him do his best.

In addition to his performance in academics, Kareem is also an
extrovert. His teachers and friends love and respect him. In the first year of
the school, most of the students had many problems and couldn’t adapt with the
new system. Kareem used to spend most of his time helping those students. This
act of kindness gave him a wide popularity among his seniors and friends alike.
Moreover, Kareem possesses great knowledge and experiences. That’s why many of
his friends ask him for advice.

I am sure that Kareem will keep his outstanding performance at
university. That’s why I highly recommend him for admission to your
undergraduate program. He will be a great addition to your university.