Step Outside Your World Analysis Essay

The location I chose was the Northwest Expressway Target. This action was away from areas I normally shop and figured I would not run into people worked with. I wanted to make a quick outing because of my lack of comfort level. My roommate did join me to give me support. For the most part I observed a lot of curious looks. I observed the older generation not making eye contact as well as some others that were middle aged. Did see what appeared to be high school aged males pointing and laughing however, I could not make out what was being said.I did get a comment for a nice purse by one young female.

I did not experience a face-to-face derogatory comment. I found it surprising that I didn’t see more people giving a visual show of disapproval. I didn’t expect to get any positive comments; the nice purse was a shock.

Was surprised that I was still asked if needed help by the staff. This experiment made me feel uncomfortable. I don’t think that I could have done this on my own, having my roommate there made it easier.

I used to make fun of guys that dressed feminine, but working with a transgender female and having a homosexual roommate I have become more tolerant and now feel bad for how I had acted as well as knowing how others view and talk about people like them. I was uncomfortable dressing in this fashion thinking about what others that did not give a visual display would have to say about me later. I know that I accept LIGHT community. Have a small taste of what its like to walk in some of there shoes. I know that not all members of this community wear feminine clothing.I don’t believe that they should be made fun Of because they do. Know this experience has opened up my eyes a little more as well as made me more tolerant.

I mentioned before that worked with a transgender woman. Speaking to her and learning what she had to do to become a woman must have been difficult. When she was a man she had to go two years living as a woman before doctors would perform the surgery. I know just the 20 minutes I went out in public just with makeup and a purse made me appreciate what she went through for two years.Working in a blue-collar job as a mechanic, it is difficult to get around the stereotypes and the intolerance especially when it comes to LIGHT community. I know I couldn’t get many of my fellow workers to repeat the same type of experiment but it would definitely change some people’s minds to how they would treat the LIGHT community if they did.

With my experience I can better defend and do hat I can to erase the negative stigma associated with LIGHT. Employers should not discriminate the LIGHT community.They are open minded and really no different except for the people they choose to be with, which is nobody’s business anyway. Employers should not take adverse action for someone wanting to be different, who knows their ideas can help change a company for the better.

Two reasons that a company should have diversity- conscious culture, is one they don’t need robots they need people that are different, and two a company needs to be able to change when society changes or they can end up closing their doors because they refused to hanged.