Stepping intrigued me in developing a passion

Stepping into high school I was
always convinced with the ideology that being an engineer or doctor would fetch
me higher returns and a secure life. Not having in much of an inclination
towards biology I dropped out the idea of being a doctor and I was left out
with the option of being an engineer. Little did I know that cornering my
choices and going with the flow could shape me as a person the society wants me
too and not as a person I truly wish to become.

Acing through subjects like
Science and Math in Class X persuaded me on taking up Science’s in Class XI and
XII and thus a step closer in becoming an engineer. My journey through Class XI
has been one rugged path but yet an eye opener to the best. Being a Computer
student for a term made me realize that computer was not my cup of tea which
made me bag Economics as my fourth subject.

My first Economics class was
overwhelming because I went in knowing nothing, while the rest knew what demand
and supply was about and while I was still trying to understand the axes. But
yet at the end of the year I topped Economics in my entire section. The
rationality of the subject intrigued me in developing a passion for the subject
and thus made me reweigh my career options. It opened doors to careers and
opportunities which were suppressed by my theory of secure life.

I went on a lookout for various
career opportunities in the commercial line. During the summer break I found
time to intern at a business firm “Balance Sheet and Beyond” for 3 weeks in
their Finance and Accounts Program. I assisted the team to prepare in financial
reports and deal with various budgets of international projects. It helped me polish
my analytical skills, provide a detailed understanding of the working of a
financial institution, importance of team spirit in professional life and
sparked a desire to learn more about international transactions.

It wasn’t a teenage boredom, but
‘an epiphany’ that my previous choice wasn’t perfect which then motivated me in
shifting my career towards the commercial line to become a Financial Analyst. I
realized that being good at a subject is not enough to take one forward in
their career unless they are passionate about their subjects. By making this
choice I was free from the clutches of my old theory of life and thus paving a
path to the person I wish to become.

My dream university moved from
Stanford to UCLA to University of Chicago with change in subjects and career
options, which ranged from engineering to computers to economics, until I made
up my mind to stick with finance and become a Financial Analyst by studying at
a reputed business school in UK.

U.K has one of the finest and top
institutions of the world. With rapid urbanization and development in all phases
of the society with the given resources it has attracted many international
students including me. The U.K universities suit my style of learning and
interests. The universities offer a great international exposure and provide
equal benefits to international students in comparison with their regular student.
Being raised up in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai it will be easier to mingle
and settle down with different races of people.

Profound interest in Carnatic Music
has led to the training of vocals for ten years and performing both at school
and regional level. Passion for dance has resulted in acquirement of various
dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Bollywood and Fusion. Participated and won many
dance competitions regionally. During the vacations I had enrolled myself for
Sculpture Classes which helped me focus my thoughts and bring out the artist
within me. I have learnt various sports such as Badminton, Basketball,
Swimming, Ice Skating and Lawn Tennis. Participated in the National Level of
Chinmaya Geeta Chanting Competition and secured “Good” in two consecutive
years. In school I was a member of the school debate team since grade 9 and
have participated in The Model United Nation which has helped me improve my
communication skills and shaped me as a bold person in terms of expressing my
views. During the spring break I volunteered at “Al Noor” a training center for
special needs with a view to help the unfortunate and a way of giving back to
the society.

“Every challenge, every
adversity, contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth” by Roy
Bennett motivates me to take up new challenges in life. The will power in me
has made me stand up for my mistakes and shaped me into a better person. I
believe that I have the potential to harness the obstacles and difficulties
confronted by me. I Subhashini Sinthu, am willing to push beyond my limits and
make this dream of mine into reality.