Stereotype Representation Of Female Bod Essay

Advertisement is a arm of communication intended to convince viewers, readers or listeners to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals or services. Advertising includes the name of a product, its narrative, how that product could benefit the targeted consumer along with its symbolic meanings. Such brands are usually paid for or identified through sponsors and viewed via various media. Media attracts attention of audience through its pleasing images and narratives.

For it, advertisements use female to convey message to the audience with witty slogans and carefully thought out camera angles set up.In most of the advertisement women are used and they are gazed upon. Advertisements have used female body as medium to persuade an audience to purchase products. According to Wells, Burnett and Mortality advertising IS a form-paid non personal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade influence an audience. Discussing the use of female in advertisement Wells, Burnett and Mortality says, In 20th century …

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There were few career choices for women in business; however, advertising was one of the few.Since women were responsible for most of the purchasing one in their household, In fact, the first American advertisement to use a sexual sell was created by a woman- for a soap product. At the same time, to grab the viewers’ attention women’s bodies are socialized in advertisements. This representation of female body in advertisement is stereotyped. It is because women are always shown as if they are subordinate, subjugate, inferior, weak, dominated, dependent, demure, henequen and more importantly as pleasing objects.

On the other hand, male decide their self- worth.Every time females are supposed to be liked or accepted by males. Furthermore, they construct women figure in ads what they want to see and how they should be like. In contrast, they are always shown dependent by showing them in relation to men rather independently. Males are always presented as strong, independent and intelligent whereas females are shown as weak, dependent and innocence.

Thus ad campaigns reflect stereotypical attitude of male towards female. The field of advertisement is male dominated where female are victim of popular culture.The female figure that is given to audience is constructed – what women should look like, how they should act- is determined by males. As a result, present society has been facing many epidemics. Women and their body parts sell everything from cold drinks to body spray. Advertisements contain various symbolic messages in an attempt to reach their target audience. They present pleasing images to draw audience’s attention.

According to Oregon “images convey information, afford pleasure and displeasure, influence style, determine consumption and mediate power relations. ” (15) Such images easily influence targeted audience.Then the audience immediately wants to interact with images to shape fantasies and desire.

According to Rodgers essay, Studying Visual Culture Furthermore we need to understand how we actively interact with images from all arenas to remake the world in the shape of our fantasies and desire or to narrate the stories which we carry within us. (16) Female body thus is the medium of conveying message to the audience. To sell the products, women’s bodies are often dismembered into thighs, legs, breasts, stomach, midriffs, bare behinds, partly clothed parts, reinforcing the message that women are objects rather than whole humans.

In short, women are presented as beautiful objects. In this way, the role that IS given to women is stereotyped. Advertisements are doing so by marginalia discriminating and commingling female. Women are almost every time presented as passive, weak, soft, delicate, innocence, demure, shy, and simple and with low esteem. Expansion and extensive portraying of women in this manner merely reduces their image to an object of passion. On the other hand women are represented as subordinate to men on the other hand they are used as an object of passion.

It is a form of male domination and attempt to shallow male chauvinism. In any ad, emphasis is laid only on the physical beauty of the women like features and body curies. After the commercial has been shot, using graphical technology, any kind of imperfection of the body is altered which in a way sends out the signal that only perfect people are meant to use the product. The barrage of messages about thinness, dieting and beauty tells ordinary women that are always in need of adjustment. Thus advertisement is propagating unattainable beauty that is creating negative effects in the present society.They promote only young, beautiful and sexually attractive women. Furthermore, images that objectify degrade women’s bodies are accepted as legitimate for advertising, under the guise of portraying a reticular product as simply sexy, seductive and attractive to the opposite sex which is the construction of patriarchal system. Serious social problems have been arising.

The major ill effect is the pressure on women to get perfect body. They get so pressurized that they take the unhealthy way to reach the set goals. They develop eating disorders that may result in irreparable damages.On the other hand, such commercials lower self confidence and they visualize themselves as unattractive due to the perfect image of media. Not only that, such stereotyped representation arise unrealistic expectations f women’s bodies among women that results body image problems, domestic violence, accidents and crime. Moreover those who never make it to that point face humiliation and get degraded themselves.

The standard of beauty is being imposed on women though the majority of women are naturally larger and more mature. An ideal body is difficult to achieve and maintain.On the basis of this standard of beauty given to female they are exploited most of the time by male dominated society. Their body is mostly used to arouse the desire or a sense of exotic feeling in male for female. Most f the time, we can find female being exploited to some extend of exposing their sexual organ in an advertisement in order to sell their product in the market. Over representation of thin women or beautiful women in media reinforces the conclusion that “physically attractive” and “sexually attractive” means thin.

They are directed towards what men really want.Use of Female Body in Advertisements Advertisement contains various symbolic messages in an attempt to reach their target audience. In order to show how the stereotype female are represented in the advertisement have taken some of the advertisements eke “The Axe Effect”, “Fair and Lovely’, “Sprite”, “Mama Chicken Cracker” and “Sunlit Conditioned’.

Besides these advertisements also we find most Of the advertisement portraying female as a stereotype that they are confined to the same primitive role that was given to them during earlier period of civilization.Body has become one of the most important parts in the visual culture of post modern age. In this Post Modern age where every thing is in flux, the body is too itself changeable. The visual culture has interpreted the body in the different way according to its needs. A body has become an important medium for the expression of their message. It has helped the producer to reach their product to the consumer.

Fowlers States the goal of advertisers is to tug at our psychological shirtsleeves. Advertisers boom bard us with pleasing images to draw us in and get us to pay attention to their advertisements.Body can be used in many different ways in different products through different advertisements. The presentation of the body in different advertisements in different ways is gaining popular nowadays. The various methods of presentation of body have helped most of the advertisements to be successful in order to reach their product to the customer.

The Axe Effect “The Axe Effect’ is the body spray which is advertised at a young man. In the advertisement, a young girl discovers a kind of smell (that is of The Axe Effect). She starts to run towards the source of the smell, perfume.

Suddenly other girls also appear running along with that girl. Then hundreds of girls can be seen running through the forest in the beginning then to the land. Each of them struggles to reach faster than other. They swim across a sea and reach to the hill then climb down the cliff and finally reach to the sea coast. Then a young man appears spraying The Axe Effect. As the girl reaches near to the man, her face looks desperate and exotic. He sees a mass of girls approaching towards him.

They surround him from every direction. He looks satisfied in the end,.Advertisement says, ” Spray more, get more”. The advertisement that is about a perfume that spreads such a smell that can help people attract other is set in a slight dark background. The setting is landscape like jungle, land, sea, hill, water, cliff, and coast. This type of landscape is usually found in a place far from a village a non resident area.

These setting indicates that after using the perfume people becomes somewhat like that of early age where they used to live in jungle. They are not engaged with a single girl but wanted many girls to be attracted towards them.Bare feet, dried leaves, dried twigs, dark blue water, dark hill, dark man, little cloudy, gray land, red dress all indicate the gloomy side of life of human being. All these images denote negative aspects of modern human world.

Mostly every image is dark having negative impressive quality with itself. This image shows that the modern human life is going towards the mom. In the advertisement, females are shown partly dressed. The partly dressed female stands to arouse the sense of desire in man. Females who are supposed to be fully dressed in our society are shown partly dressed.This partly dressed female shows that man can be attracted by dressing partly or in other words, by exposing more body and arousing exotic feeling through sexuality.

They are presented as a sex object by making them and exposing their body part.. According to Hall, female body represents desire to male.

Further he clarifies how signifying practices actually structure the presentational practices; and how violence, fantasy and ‘desire’ also play into representational practices, making them much more complex and their meanings more ambivalent. (8) In the advertisement of The Axe Effect, the body has been used as voluptuous body.The way the body has been used in this advertisement is like that which helps for tempting the male for the object. There is always the intensive desire for the male to be handsome so that they can attract female towards them. They have an inner desire to be attractive before female. The ad shows how it supposedly gave the male the confidence in order to get the attraction of the woman.

Axe advertisement portrays various ways the product supposedly helped men to attract woman The advertisement helps the men to become a receiver, a symbol of power.To sale the male’s product, females are undressed. It is nothing more than exploitation or domination of male’s world for their pleasure. It is because the medium is female’s body though which male’s products are being sold. Fair And Lovely Fair And Lovely is a kind of facial cream manufactured for the skin of females. The advertisement on Fair and Lovely which have chosen from among many is of 60 second and developed on 24-01-2002 in Nepal version. In the advertisement, a young man named Rashes appears at the temple who has returned from America recently.

In the mean time, a girl, of marriageable age, Rata and he Sister -? in- law (Bauhaus) come to worship. Bauhaus and Rashes greet each other and Bauhaus asks Rashes about Rata but he ignores her and runs from there making excuse which touches Rata by heart. When they reach at home, Rata sits in front of mirror and silently blames her skin. Then Bauhaus appears and suggests her to use Fair and Lovely.

Then after, she uses it for six weeks continuously. The regular use of fair and lovely retests her skin from sun, removes oil and marks and makes her skin fair.Then after, one day as she goes to the same temple she happens to see Rashes who is standing in a queue. As she reaches near to him, her shawl blows up by wind which makes Rashes notice her but she ignores him and goes at the last and stands in a queue by making her face. Rashes can’t stand it and runs towards her and stands just behind her. Smiling Rata says, “We may need to wait for a long time to get our turn”.

Then Rashes replies, “l don’t mind. Now am ready to wait for a whole life. (Rata Smiles) Advertisement says, “Fair and Lovely, world’s no.

Fairness cream”. This advertisement has a setting of temple, and home.Temple is a symbol of belief / truth which is believed as a home Of god. Home is a place where people live, where they share their feelings, emotions, pain and grief.

The people living in home understand and respect each other. Again at the end of the advertisement the audiences are taken back to the same previous setting where the advertisement begins. It is the same temple where the main character of the advertisement meets at the beginning. In this way, the advertisement begins from the temple and ends in the temple but the taxation, the feeling and the relation between the characters is changed.The changing situation of the same setting represents the changing state of life of the character. In this advertisement we can find Red color which dominates most of the time as red, is the symbol of love, passion, courage, confident and strong will. The color also relates to stability and security.

After Red color, we find the most romantic color, pink dress of Rata, the main character in the advertisement. Pink is mostly used to show that the opponents will lose energy. Then we can find yellow and light green color.

These colors are used only in some places or some times which stand for the time. Green symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color among others. Yellow enhances concentration, and attention getter. It is considered as optimistic color. Green, not dark but light has been used which is usually used to represent time to go or move ahead.

The early morning is time has been selected to show the time setting of the advertisement. Early morning is the beginning or the first part of the day.It signifies the new hope and nevus beginning for the day. Images like temple, movement of people, flying pigeons, pink dress, Rashes from America with blue jeans and blue dress up are strong in this ad. Pigeons, the symbol of peace, are used in advertisement to show the peace state of mind and heart of the character. The male character gets peace when he is attracted by female character’s charming face.

Peace helps to arise the desire in male. Female character gets peace after using Fair and Lovely Similarly, female think they beautiful when they are able to attract male.In the advertisement also the female character becomes depress and rushes to her home when he male character IS not able to recognize her. After using fair and lovely for six weeks, the lady’s face becomes clean.

When she again meets her earlier male friend in the temple, he recognizes her and is attracted towards her. Fair and lovely helps Rata to become beautiful and to attract male. Fair and Lovely helps to arouse the desire in male, which is possible only by beautiful face of a beautiful lady. It also helps to develop the sense of confidence in female. It has helped to bring peace within Rite’s heart.Now she has become able to attract young men.

As female is dominated by male in our society, so she is even pink color dress to wear so that she can make her opponent lose and she will be able to attract her and be dominated. Whereas, blue is given to the male character which shows the superiority of male it symbolizes loyalty. He has returned from America, which also shows that the male are superior to female. The male character has returned from America which gives him the feeling of superiority towards the girl that is from Nepal and also she is not so beautiful.

As being a male and also an American he thinks himself as a cap able to reject any girl on the basis of their fairness and also to accept the name girl when she is beautiful. In this advertisement, the use of F-air And Lovely as a facial cream by the female character brings change in her life. It helps her to develop confidence in order to fight with the different types of problems. After the use of the product, there is the kind of social harmony and peace in the life of the female character. But in its absence there is a fear and anxieties in women’s life in deeper level.Hall says, Representation is a complex business and, especially when dealing with ‘difference’, it engages feelings, attitudes and emotions and it mobiles fears and anxieties in the ewer, at deeper levels than we can explain in a simple, common-sense way. (226) After the use of Fair and Lovely for six weeks regularly, the female’s black complexion turns into fair skin and she becomes beautiful.

She is attractive to every one. It helps her to develop self confidence upon her which leads her life towards success. The boy who earlier abandons her recognizes and accepts her to marry.He is now ready to make her life partner even by waiting through out his life.

This refers that the male prefers to marry the beautiful lady. Similarly , the use of Fair and Lovely develops confidence pony her which helps her to get success in her professional career and personal life. In this advertisement, we do find the female character and the medium through which the advertisement wants to flow its message is the face of the female. The targeted customer of the advertisement is the female themselves who are openly dominated by male’s ideology.Sprite The advertisement of Sprite is targeted to all age groups but here we find the ideal body of female is indirectly highlighted. The advertisement begins with a scene of two boys playing carom board. When the young and hand some boy rinks sprite and strikes QUEEN saying “This queen is mine”.

The next boy seeing a girl coming from distance with he younger sister says, “That is mine”. As the next boy hears the little girl requesting something to her elder sister he says, “If we impress younger sister, elder one easily can be impressed”.As he sees the boy drinking sprite, satirically he says the younger boy, “You just drink Sprite! Kids love me! Then he goes from there singing says “Hello” to the younger sister. He asks what she wants. She replies that she wants to watch movies. Then he inquires, “Tom and Jerry? ” But annoyingly she says that she ants to watch horror movie. It surprises him.

Then, there is the entry of a hero, a young and a handsome boy. He asks the young girl, Hi want to play carom? ” The girl shows the problem of her sister and says, “But…. ..

. My sister? Pointing towards another boy, the handsome boy replies, “He is there for her to kick after. Kids love him! ” Thanking him, the girl goes to play carom with the boy. Then satirically the young and handsome boy suggests him to drink Sprite. At last the ad says : “Sprite Straight talk No Backwash It’s Cool! ” Sprite, the advertisement of soft drink, has used various types of symbols and mages.

In this advertisement we can find two female characters and three male characters. These two male characters want the same girl but their way of impressing is different.The ad shows that the man who drinks sprite is successful to impress the girl. After viewing this ad, audience can say that sprite is powerful means to impress female. The feeling of female is compared to the simple drink, Sprite. Thus the feeling of female has been commodities to sprite. On the other hand, when the advertisement opens, the male characters are shown playing the carom board.

The character strikes he QUEEN which is red in color. Firstly JINEE is the representation of a female which is red in color. It symbolizes the slenderness, weakness and a symbol of love and sexuality.Here the male character strikes the female character. As Romancers states, “Red is a color associated with poison, passion and seduction”, This ad too has red as dominating color.

Most striking dialogue in this ad is that the male character says “Sprite aka kite FAA patience” which means the sprite helps male to attract female towards them. Here the female feeling has not any importance for male. It’s he only matter of objectification. The choice of the color that is given to the different characters are also different. Male, a boy character is white in color and next boy is in dark green with gloomy look.Dark green stands for masculine, conservative, and implies wealth. Similarly, female characters also in different dress up and color.

The young girl is wearing white modern dress, whereas the next girl (her sister) is in white-shirt. White is the most dominating color of dress in this advertisement which is the representation of innocence and purity. White reflects light and is considered a summer color. White is popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral, and goes with everything. In this way, to represent female as weak, passive and innocent white is highly encouraged here.Thus we also find the women’s felling are commodities and they are thought to be attracted by a simple soft drink like Sprite. In the advertisement, the distribution of gender is unequal as the number of the characters that is used is also not fair. Here we can see three male characters and two female characters.

This difference in the number of the character shows the low importance for the female towards male. We can find how male treats female because female is being strike by male when the advertisement begins. It shows that females are in control of male. Their feelings and their life is determined by male.

Moreover, the women have been reduced to object in this commercial. The female character is shown responsible that they have to think about their younger sister before they think about them selves. The male character laughs when the female character says that she wants to watch horror movies. The male of our society thinks that females are weak and they cannot see horror movie but only ‘Tom and Jerry, a cartoon show. The male characters are shown playing carom board, the game that is mostly thought to be the game of male. The image of Sprite is interestingly connected to the shape of a desired woman.It means to say that female body should like the bottle of Sprite – slender body. This is hidden desire of male who wants to see female thin, slim and slender.

According to their demand, female, too, are forcefully transforming themselves. Eating disorders are its results which have caused many diseases like Board mentions in “Reading the Slender Body”. Accordingly some elements of the cultural context that has conditioned the flourishing of dating disorders- anorexia, bulimia, and obesity- in our time. (216) Such problems are directly connected to the society that affects the whole system.According to Board, such representation of slender body give strength to male to prove themselves superior, strong and protective whereas female as fragile, defenseless and powerless. To give just one example, an examination of the photographs an copy of current fashion advertisements suggests that today’s boyish body ideals, as in the 1 ass’s, symbolize a new freedom, a casting off the encumbrance of domestic, reproductive femininity. But when he same slender body is depicted in poses that set it off against the resurgent muscularity and bulk of the current male body-ideal, other meaning emerges.

In these gender/oppositional poses, the degree to which slenderness carries connotations of fragility, defensiveness, and lack of power against male occupation of social space is dramatically represented. (216) In this way advertisements are only creating Faculty’s utopia. Such images of perfect body do not exist permanently in the real space.

The perfect image that ad is creating is nothing more than utopia as Faculty discusses in his assay “Of Other Spaces” Utopias are sites with no real place. They are sites that have a general relation of direct or inverted analogy with the real space of society.They present society itself in a perfected form, or else society turned upside down, but in any case these utopias are fundamentally unreal spaces. (239) In this way, females are represented as week, passive and innocent who can be easily diverted by males for their means. Mama Chicken Cracker Music.

Boy – Cameras abjurer Delilah thou jojoba Khaki love man APIPA Buchannan mere man. Girl – Smashes ha Boucher ha you mere jojoba Wassail dined Hanna ma lineally timer man. Crisps Crunchy Masts Mama Chicken Cracker!This advertisement opens with a scene of a young couple sitting on the bench at the park and having Mama Chicken cracker. Suddenly, she denies sharing it to the boy. She aboard on tang and starts up. The boy follows her on his bicycle singing the first line of the song – “Searchers abjurer Delilah thou jojoba” and in second line he jumps into her tang. Then, the girl sings the first line,” Smashes ha Boucher ha you mere jojoba”.

When she says “Mere jojoba” she indicates Mama Chicken Cracker. Then the boy apologies with her and he olds his ears with the second line of the girl.The ad ends with the scene of couple sharing Mama Chicken Cracker. This ad treats female as an object. Here we can find that the most important [part of the age of girl “jojoba” is comparing to Mama Chicken Cracker, a food product. This signifies that Mama chicken cracker is as important in human life as jojoba is important to girl’s life. Jojoba is considered as the most important part of age in the life of girl. But in this advertisement we can find it to be compared with a simple eating thing like mama chicken cracker.

In this way, females are objectified.The typical dress and typical hair style that give character the traditional look. The advertisement has presented the female character as an innocent girl who Cannot drive herself. But man is given to drive himself. Thus the girl is shown as a dependent object. Sunlit Conditioner Sunlit Conditioner, a hair care brand, is primarily aimed at women.

In the advertisement, a female artist is sitting comfortably on the chair who has long, silky and smooth hair. On the other side, a young male artist is attracted by silky hair. The hair seems appealing that the man is holding it with great care and interest.