Steve Raucci trait Essay

This case study is an example of an individual whose personality has been a driving factor in his career. While his strengths helped him get to the most desirable position in the school district, his weaknesses in behavior and approach caused his downfall. Neuroticism is a major personality trait of Steve Raucci that eventually caused him disgrace and loss of reputation including persecution from law. According to the definition of Neuroticism characterizes people with high levels of anxiety, hostility, depression, and self consciousness.

Indications of High level of hostilityFrom the case study, it is observed that in many situations Mr. Steve Raucci has repeatedly displayed high level of hostility. He started his career earning $3.12 per hour as a laborer, moved up to groundskeeper, and then maintenance guy; however, at the end of his carrier he was in charge of all of the 21 district school buildings, became union president and head utility worker.

In order to attain the height of power he used negative tactics like threatening his fellow employees, embraced people, misguided school board, took control of the worker’s union by maintaining a culture and using all avenues of negative enforcement. He vandalized homes and properties of his enemies, threatened his employees, grabbed them physically, and even planted bombs to terrorize his victims. For example, when Steve wanted Lou’s job he staged the game not giving him access to computer which prevented him from making any changes to heating and lighting system. On one long weekend he asked his employees to turn on the lights and heat of school for few hours which drew a lot of power to negatively impact his performance. On another occasion he told his employees to change the lights even when they didn’t require replacement and used this against Lou to get him fired from the job. He staged all of this to propose himself as more capable to do the same job earning additional monetary benefits. In this incident he misguided the board and got Lou fired wrongfully. People also suspected him in an incident of setting a vehicle on fire and slashing of tires.

Indications of anxietyMr. Rucci behavior also reflects anxiety where he has always shown intense desire to be dominant, center of attention and recognized as a powerhouse among his peers and subordinates. Most of his behaviour was driven by anxiety where he was unable to form a trustable relationship with any of his co-workers. Rucci was always very anxious about how people view him and is constantly trying to ensure that everyone saw him as someone who was talented, well connected, and tough. For example, Ira Glass stated that it was extremely important for him to have control of every single detail around him.

Even the incident of finding space heater at Richard office shows us high level of curiosity and control where he was very keen to observe every single detail and control around him. He would read aggressive prepared remarks (soviet like) to his peers and subordinates which proves that he had high level of anxiety and pushed himself for total control. He openly encouraged reporting back, backbiting of staff and spying of fellow employees which is yet another example of anxiety where wanted to know if anyone was conspiring against him.

One clear example of anxiety was his possessiveness regarding his female assistant where everyone was made to believe that she belonged to him and no one else and how he kept a very close eye on her activities and interactions with others. Self consciousness and depression are the base drivers for his aggressive and negative actions. He tried very hard to appear tough and strong; however, his physical appearance was a small frame thin guy who didn’t look like a very strong and tough man. Throughout his career he was very self conscious about how he was perceived and spent a lot of energy and time warning people that he was able to overcome challenges and ensured that his enemies were severely punished.

His small beginnings being from a small town and below average family also plays a major role in how he doesn’t want people to see him. His depression comes from his inability to compete in a positive world and his lack of confidence, formal education, and absence of trusting relationships.