Still Believe in Love Essay

Thesis Statement: Knowing how ACLE was done, assessing the class that was prepared and reviewing the movie that was presented will be able to write a commentary and effective reaction about the event. I. ACLE (Alternative Class Learning Experience) which falls on the second week of February showcases amazing fair but definitely different.

A. Different organizations construct their booths at the gymnasium as we have expected yearly. B. In particular, Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) is one of the orgs who offers an ACLE class.II. CCC had its film showing in two batches and it caters many viewers. A. The movie is entitled “Fireproof.

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” B. It was a story of a couple who fix their marriage with the help of God. III. The movie is one of the interesting pieces and I considered it as an inspiration on top of the books that I have read. A. The actors play their role very well; they successfully deliver and stress the points of the film to the viewers.

B. The effects and cinematography were fulfilled to the point that it became emotionally sustained.C.

The movie help everyone to know God and know Him more. This second week of February falls the U. P Fair. It is a weeklong celebration prepared by UPDEPP Student Council where a day is reserved for Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE). Classes were usually suspended in the afternoon but the students were required to attend a class held by the different organizations of the campus. In part of the U. P Fair, different booths and activities were found at the gymnasium.

Also the Iskopreniur” were launched with its theme “Iskopido” headed by Mr. Rayon Patawaran. It is Business Management students particularly on the fourth year were asked to introduce their proposed product to market. It is also considered a competition as well because it is based on how they market the product, how creative they are to impressed customers, how much capital they invest and how much income did they earn. On ACLE proper, my PE class on 10am, which is covered by the suspension, were canceled due to that booths were placed on the gym.And I, being a member of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) which is one of the responsible organization that presents a film showing class come to school at 9am to set up the class. We invite students to watch and it is not very hard for us to convince students because the show is free.

The screening has two batches: First is the 1:00-2:30 class and the other were 3:00-5:00 in the afternoon. The movie is entitled “Fireproof. ” Usually I let myself guess what the movie is about by its title and because it was from CCC, it is about God but the thing is what is on fire?Personally, I have not watched that movie so I, facilitating the class, were wondered and sit with the class. It started with the conversation of the mom and her daughter at the same while flashing on the screen: 25 years ago. The daughter were asking her mom here her dad was and her mom told her that he was a firefighter and explained to her that he has a job that is why he cannot come to home before she sleeps. Then the girl told her mom that she wants to marry his dad.She insists that after her parent’s marriage, he would marry his father but her mom said that she would not be able to marry his father because marriage is a lifetime commitment and then the girl told her mom that someday, she wants to marry someone just like her dad. Catherine Holt, one of the lead characters (real name) was the girl 25 years ago.

She is married to Caleb Holt (real name), a firefighter. Her dream was fulfilled to marry someone just like her dad. But their marriage is not ideal to what I expected, Catherine and Caleb were not happy anymore with each other.Cath was considered by Caleb as a nagger wife and Caleb on the other hand, impatient so they decide to file a divorce. (they do not have a child). What I like about the story is that Cath and Caleb has established their own character. Cath being a hospital personnel, caring and a loving daughter to her parents.

Caleb, a firefighter captain which is overwhelmed with respect and pride on himself but these does not shown in their home. At first they both go with the flow to end up their marriage, they are only waiting for the petition of their divorce.The movie was emotionally fulfilled, it is present nowadays that divorce is just a ‘click’ after couples recited their vows for better and for worse. It was Caleb who initiates the first move to revive their marriage but it was because of his father that convinced him to do it. He has given a 40 days love dare to think. For, him at first, it was an ordinary and a required thing to accomplish.

Some unusual things for his wife, which he never used to do before. However, on his halfway, he recognizes God. Before, he used to think that God does not care for him or to his problems.Therefore, these crazy things made him a habit and proved to him that she loves her wife. God teaches him to love and give love.

The cinematography is good, the movie includes many characters, each having a story, from Michael (Caleb’s best friend) which teaches him to know God and love her wife. Dr. Keller, the one who has a feeling for Cath.

Their parents, who supports their marriage all the way. Each of this represents a lesson and a good example for the viewers. A lesson to know God, who He really is and what He can do to change lives. God is the focus of the movie.

It only uses the characters of Caleb and Catherine to show the meaning or rather the purpose of the film: God hears us, God wants to reach us and God finds a way to help us. He will never leave us. In fact, He is always watching us, waiting for us to call Him and say that we need Him. God loves you! He loves every one of us.

And that love is unconditional. ACLE gave me a week long relief for my academics overload and I enjoy it very much. It was totally a “stress reliever. ” However, it teaches me that nothing is permanent. Change be hard and love must be fulfilled everyday in our lives. And thank God for loving us.