Stop believe in the significance of our

Stop waiting for passion


People read stories about successful business professionals or leaders or artists or entrepreneurs and (wrongly) assume that once they chose their field, they woke up every morning supported by huge reservoirs of energy for their work. The pressure around this is equivalent to the idea that there is one perfect soulmate out there in the world for you to marry, and if you don’t find him or her, you’re doomed to relational discontent. 


No one’s life is like that!


Thomas Edison said it best: “Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” And in the same way, life is much like that.  


The indispensable truth of the soul is to believe in the significance of our contributions.  But to believe that choosing the right, perfect path will usher in a nonstop tsunami of motivation is an illusion that will leave us frustrated and drive us mad. 


Many of us wait for passion to lead us somewhere we’re not. Instead, start by bringing passion to the place where you are.