This can be attained from PEST analysis, through Political, Economic, Social ND Technologies. First, political factors such as government law and regulations, environmental concerns, policies on import, export Of the automobile and its components. Political stability may affect the future conditions of a country, at such; trade disputes occur could possibly affect future trade relationship (Billy & Whether, 2013). Second, economic developments raise incomes, which also refers to the fluctuations of exchange rate, lower interest and oil prices.

Hence, people have sufficient purchasing power or willingness to splurge on luxuries. Likewise, during economic crisis, consumers may look for cheaper alternatives or does fine without owning a car (Fuhrman, 2013). Third, social factors relate to more knowledgeable and marketing literate customers, whereby developing preferences or biases based on brand images. At such, some will think that owning a car is not only means of transportation but also a requirement of social status.

Whereas some having conscience factor whereby they do not want to flaunt wealth, or having greater concern for the environment. Lastly, the emerging of new technologies and changing customer environment, this will develop the competitive advantage in the automotive industry. Regarding that the capabilities of technologies aid both company and consumers with communication, information, cost reductions, improvement of Research & Development (R&D) activity and services provided to customers.

In particularly, value perceived on how much consumers are willing to pay for Macerate and how they gain satisfaction from the cars or service. In the existence of profit exceeds the cost of production is the ideal on determining the industry competitive position (Opposes & Ducal, 2011 Within the value Hahn, a primary and support activity that emphasizes the importance of its interrelatedness affiliated to the cars and services that Macerate offers to customer (Pressure & Mahoney, 2013).

The body parts are placed at an outdoor giant warehouse, and assembled in Torsion, Italy. Each car body goes to the welding line where it stops at five different robotic welding stations that works like humans, required only two and half hours to complete. A selected group of quality control workers are to inspect the surface of the body part, in search of potential imperfection, and ill be fix in on the spot. For quality assurance, the workers have much time for this to make it perfect.

While the engines made by Ferreira, are then delivered to Modern, Italy. After delivered to the factory for body assembly, the job will take over by human, whereby everything is fixed by hand tools, also with the assistance of the highly efficient car cradle system allow workers to move the car into any position that suit best for the job they are doing. Workers are to assure that aligning must be perfect, as there are no rooms for error under specific gnashing time, as it takes twenty-two days for a Macerate to be ready (Vaudeville, 2013).

Nine days of vigorous inspection and testing for each finished car, three times as long as they build the car. Adjustment will be made until they feel its perfect. Finally, each car will have to go through arduous arrangement of road tests not only on local cobblestones streets and highways, but racetrack as well. The final touch up will be inspection from both outside company and Macerate employees. Then, it will be load to a special car carrier to deliver and ready to be shipped across the world.

As Macerate does not spend much on it’s advertising effort, what they heavily rely on was word of mouth and grassroots efforts of the dealer by attracting independent customers who wants the real feel of luxury in comfort (Paula, 2013). The marketing effort of collaboration between both designer brand and automakers create opportunities to attract new and wider customer base in the trend of exclusive crossover work, so as to catch the eyes of consumers these days (Lee, 2013). What make It more appealing are Messmate’s infinite personalization options for colors and trim ambitions (Omar, 2010).

Messmate’s uniqueness of service starts at the very first place, whereby they are able to personalize the exterior to even interior of the car up to customers’ desired preference. However, this does not end even after they sell a car. Warranty covers up to four years and twenty-four hours roadside assistance program available as well (Macerate North America, 2009). Adding on to its exclusiveness, Macerate Club was established enable to bring Macerate owners to exchange views and share their enthusiasm with like- minded people (“$1 36,000 Macerate”, 2010).

Support activities make up the second part, which involves in functions within Messmate’s infrastructure backing the effort of primary activities. With top management’s perspective that insist on the quality standards and craftsmanship rather than looking at the average sales results, aims to focus with respect the superiority in quality and performance by delivering speed, luxury and style to their customers (Macerate, 2013). Human resource management plays a strategic role, as Macerate recognized the potential of their workfare would affect organizational performance.

Where Macerate requires selected group of workers with abilities and enthusiasm of both their job and car, in order to acquire the skills to operate the equipment as well as the touch for Macerate ‘feel’ meeting their expected standards. Even forklift driver are well trained and educated for safety precautions. The operations in Macerate are tedious and labor-intensive, yet it can be efficiently carried out smoothly owning to its modernized assembly, plant layout and workflow design. With superior technology robotic machines help to minimize time, cost and effort.

At the same time, this prevents workplace hazards, as workers don’t require climbing over the car to fix it. The collaboration win-win relationship with supplies of Ferreira engines, this will definitely aim to provide the best attention by providing the best quality, luxury and increased of performance, therefore build customer loyalty. The success behind Macerate is that they have a clear strategy, which they perceived as “not a unique car, but a car you want”, ensuring to provide excellence, well-designed and quality Cars that customer are sure to want pay for it (Gifford, 2012).