Strategic profit both the company and the environment

Strategic plan for Mega-Vid.

1.      Problem definition.

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Mega-Vid is a company
that makes videos games. This company is facing a problem of criticism. The
people are criticizing them for saying
that the video games encourage violent behavior. The company is worried about
how to overcome this criticism.  This
might lead to poor performance of the company if they don’t fix it. In order to
fix this problem, they can try some possible solutions to this problem.

2.      Potential resolutions to the problem.

In order to keep the
company and business running smoothly, Mega-vid has to start some solutions
which will help in sweeping off these problems. These solutions should be able
to profit both the company and the environment that uses these video games. The
following are some the solutions that are possible for solving this problem and
sweep off the criticism.

The company should take initiative in
teaching these young children on how to use these video games and continue to
tell them how the negative behavior learned from these games can be contrary
with their society and affecting their lives as well.

The company should introduce new video
games which might not teach the children bad behavior. For example, they can
introduce sports games like racing, football, and others that do not teach bad

The company should always teach the kids
on how to avoid addiction to video games.

Mega-vid should teach parents on how to
monitor the games their children are playing in order to avoid the kids from
playing bad games.

Mega-vid can also decide to eliminate
those video games that teach bad behavior. This means that the kids will not
get access to them and the bad behavior will not be adopted.

Some of the tactics used
by those companies to overcome criticism can also be used by Mega-vid company.
This is because the companies had to first know the origin of the blame and
thereafter, they took new methods and possible solutions to elucidate those
problems. They worked together with the community in the campaign to fight the
confusion. This policy was used by the Coke company in their campaign for
overcoming obesity in the community (Ciarlante, 2013). In this case, the Mega-vid company can also practice this method
through forming campaigns that are mainly for educating the children on how to
use these videos games and letting them
know the impacts of those video games. This can help the children to know how
these video games can affect their lives. 
The Tobacco company used to change
the products. This helped them to overcome criticism (Indiana University, 2006)
As mentioned above in the second possible solution, the Mega-vid company should introduce new videos which cannot lead to bad
behavior in children. Games such football playing, making videos, and racing
can be good games for children and they do not lead to poor behavior.


As said, “A child miseducated is a child lost.”
(Kennedy, n.d), I would, therefore, recommend Mega-vid company to take
initiative in teaching these young children who play the games on how to use
them and let them know how the bad behaviors learned from these games might
affect their lives. Through this education, Mega-vid can also tell the kids
about other games which can be helpful for
their relaxation other than games of fighting. Educating these children can
also help them know their responsibilities and relate them to games. For example, the elder child should
know that fighting is bad thus not fighting with his or her young ones.
Mega-vid should also educate the children how to relate their passion and
talents to the video games. For example, if a child has a talent for playing football then they should teach
them how to they can learn new skills from these games.


According to my strategy,
the overall goal is to let the children avoid the violent behaviors that might
affect they life for a long time. For example, if a child learns how to use a
gun or knife in doing something bad then he/she can use in case there is access
to that tool. A child can easily use a knife to hurt someone who annoys him
since he knows how to use it. This can, therefore, lead to a consequence that
will affect him for a long time if not a lifetime. Therefore, by teaching them the
impacts of these video games and behavior can show them the right path to
follow. As said, “education is a vaccine for
violence” (Olmos, n.d), this education about the video games
can remove the violent behavior of the kids. This can help the entire American
child society.

of the goal and the possible changes.

In order to achieve this
goal, I will motivate the Mega-vid company
to support the mission. The company can support this program in different ways
which may include training the educators of the policy or supporting it

The mega-vid
will have to collaborate with the leaders in the department of education in
order to schedule this program. This can be put in the time of sports and

The company will have to
introduce competition in the violence-free
games such as sports games. This can involve putting awards for the winners.
The children will then run the sport video games other than going to fighting and film games.

In order to ease the
education about these games, Mega-vid will have to publish novels that talk
about different video games, their importance, and
disadvantages. This will ease the process of conveying the message to the
children. The children will now know how to react towards these games.

To make this possible,
Mega-vid company will let both children and their parents access the books.
These novels can be advertised on Radio stations, Television stations, or as
Ads on social networks such as Facebook. By coming up with this strategy, the
company will also have to introduce new video games.

In addition to that, the
company can also set new guidelines for
using these games. They can also plan to start up videos games which can only
be sold to schools, not individuals. This
can control the access to video games by
young kids.






















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